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Why is Reiki an Ongoing Therapy?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Some are surprised or disappointed with treatments that cannot heal them in one session. Without an understanding of Reiki, it is easy to assume that it is simply a cure-all or even magic. And indeed, it does seem like that sometimes, however, Reiki is a healing modality just like any other. It has both great benefits and aspects that some may find lacking, such as the fact that it is most beneficial to use it as a consistent, ongoing practice. If your goal is simple relaxation for the next day or two, one treatment can go far. One Reiki treatment can also awaken you to the sensations of your subtle bodies so that you can be more intuitive with your body and emotions.

Good health doesn't stop at the doctor's door. It takes dedication and consistency to get well and stay well for most people. When we go to the doctor's office it's typically for things that our bodies were not able to heal on their own. This is where Reiki comes in handy! It's an optimal treatment for the immune system and can help keep you out of the doctor's office, as well as treat illnesses that you would typically see a doctor for as well. Reiki can treat colds, infections, mental health ailments, chronic pain, and everything else!

Depending on what you are being seen for, it may be best to receive your Reiki treatments all within a shorter time span or dedicate yourself to bi-weekly or monthly treatments. If you are looking for specific healing beyond relaxation, you will find that all ailments are treated and healed differently. Some ailments may take 3 treatments within a single week, such as a chronic flare-up, while other ailments such as grieving or anxiety typically require one appointment per week at first, before the client can begin to taper down to monthly. For those seeking energetic and Spiritual healing from Reiki, consistent treatments are essential in order to keep the body from resorting back to the low vibrational frequencies that disable it from the self-healing process. Treatment times are also dependent on how the sessions impact each client. It may be more comfortable and productive for some clients to return daily, while others may need a longer break between sessions.

Hayashi Sensei described Reiki as the removing of very thin layers of paper each time you get a treatment. Sometimes the ailment is covered by a few layers, sometimes it is covered by many. For treatments that are relatively new, such as a stubbed toe, a toothache, or a tick bite, it can take as few treatments as two or three 15-minute sessions given throughout the day. These are the instances when it is really handy to be attuned to the process of Reiki healing so that you can treat your own acute ailments. For illnesses such as the early contraction of TB, a sprained ankle, acute dermatitis, or situational panic attacks, any combination of treatments from bi-weekly to almost daily could be the remedy, depending on how fast your body is able to heal itself during and after treatment.

Reiki is an ongoing therapy because it is the practice of channeling energy into and throughout the physical body, balancing the vibrations of your bio-magnetic field (EMF) and the fields beyond the EMF. To do this is no great feat. It takes a lot of energy for our bodies to hold onto ailments, and in turn, it takes time to remove those ailments. When you receive a Reiki healing treatment, your energy is balanced quickly and you feel great, but without consistent energy work, when you enter back into spaces with unbalanced energies, your own vibration is impacted again. Reiki works on an exponential scale when you are consistent with it, just like meditation, building on its own success the more you receive it. The more Reiki you have, the longer it will last between sessions, and the better you will feel because the more it will clear out.

Regardless of how many treatments it takes, or how many treatments you want, the biggest benefit that Reiki gives is both its ability to heal non-invasively and its ability to have residual healing effects on the rest of the body even when something acute is being treated. For more info on Reiki and energetic healing, check out the descriptions on my site's education pages, or my blogs! Happy Healing!

Jamelle Z.M.

Bare Roots Energy


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