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The Meditation Manual: A Meditation Course for Your Metacognitive Self

Overstimulation, stress, worry, trauma, and wandering thoughts have become commonplace and impact efficiency, moods, quality of life, and communication across the globe. How do we take back the self-control we were born with?

The Meditation Manual is a course for overall improved cognitive health that allows you to take each module at your own pace in the comfort of your own space. Learn brain training techniques, metacognition reconciliation, how to use a variety of meditation techniques, how to create an effective affirmation, and how to fit it all into your schedule without a severe life shift.

The Meditation Manual is not just a course that teaches the fundamentals of meditation, but one that focuses on the whole self, teaching you how your mind works, how to better control your thoughts, and how to step into a world of greater gratitude, clarity, and manifestation.

The Meditation Manual is available as a workbook or as an online course that walks you through 10 phases of metacognitive activities to prepare your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies for long-term, successful meditation practice.


Once purchased, you will have unlimited access to your classroom upon signing into the site.


For more detailed information about meditation coaching, please contact me at​​​​​​​


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