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Bi-Weekly Meditation Meet-Ups with Bare Roots Energy

Join me, Jamelle, in the studio for bi-weekly guided meditation, meditation practice, and coaching. 

During our meet-ups, we will practice the Catch and Release Technique, with the possibility of other guided meditations upon request. While practicing the Catch and Release Technique, we will learn how to find clarity in our racing minds and build a sustainable meditation routine that can be easily duplicated at home. 

Meet-ups are $10 each, with some time at the end for Q & A and share-outs to gain perspective of our own meditation practices and perspectives. 

You are welcome and encouraged to bring your ideal meditation seat, pillow, or chair. Light blankets and pillows will be provided in the studio for you. 

Contact Jamelle at

for time change requests, meditation requests, questions, or comments. 

To purchase your spot,

find the next Meditation Meet-Up Ticket at:

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