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The Alchemical Trails

Find the cycles and patterns in your life to live a future of more clarity and intention. 

Cosmic Sky

"As it has for tens of thousands of years, life again reminds us that it is indeed cyclical." -Unknown

The cycles which our lives follow are like strings that link pieces of our universal puzzle. When the strings are investigated, it allows us insight into the intentions, goals, and actions we are here to complete, repeat, and begin. Let chartwork accompany your Reiki and Meditation practices to get the most out of your energetic journey. 
The Alchemical Trail is a set of services completed either through ceremony or chart work. Services include everything from personalized healing journeys to large group ceremonies. By engaging in activities such as tracing your lifeline, insights can be gained into what trials or cycles you will repeat as you continue through life and the tools that will help you along the way. 

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The Alchemical Trails

Which cycle are you entering? 
Which cycle are you leaving?
What were your experiences when you last repeated your current cycles?

The art of analysis applied to your own life cycles in the manner of the old Medicine Wheel Masters. 

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The Alchemical Trails