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  • CCT™️ Chart Bundle

    Chart healings use the Crystalline Consciousness Technique™️ to hook us up to the Universe in the most divine way imaginable. Chart healings work with the field that sits beyond the Electromagnetic Field, making direct contact with a greater source of energy that our souls know at a core, bringing us results faster with less effort. Being connected with our intentions to the Crystalline Grid both eases the adaptation process and gives us an alternate energy source to feed our minds, body, and soul's life force with. The connection wakes our soul as if through an electrical reemergence and awareness, working beyond the weakening EMF to tell all of the energies in the universe exactly what we need to rebalance and adjust ourselves in order to see our intentions to fruition. The healing process through the CCT™️ works through sacred geometry with our intentions to communicate our needs for balance and alignment, helping us to clear out blockages with more ease and in right timing. When working with CCT™️ healing treatments, it is best to focus on one intention or goal, specifically if you are seeking a quick change in your situation. Ideal healing options for chart work include relationships, large purchases, big changes or transitions, to help an application on its way, clearing spaces of dead orgone energies and entities, health issues, connecting to the new Aquarian energies,Clearing family religious ties, discovering, healing, and blessing family roles, important goals, yearly or monthly intentions, or ancestral healings. Bundles come in handy for us when clearing large lineages of energies require more than one healing. ​New Earth Reiki was channeled and piloted by Gia Combs-Ramirez. You can learn more about her and the Crystalline Consciousness Technique here: or

  • Sacred Rhythms

    Something magical happens when women join together to celebrate the self, each other, our planet, and our blessings. Sacred Rhythms is the practice of reminding ourselves about our Sacred belonging here on Earth. Join me and a small group of other women to learn about the ancient female deity archetypes that have taught us about our sacred selves for thousands of years. Learn about how absolutely divine and necessary you actually are! Sacred Rhythms is a 12 week course that meets monthly in yearly cycles. If you have missed the January sign up date, and would still like to join, please contact me at so that I can pro-rate your fee! We will learn the importance of and how to open and close gathering circles, about the Native American Grandmother Spirits outlined in The 13 Clan Mothers, as well as the art of muscle testing and healthy, daily practices for the modern woman. Sacred Rhythms tailors its beauty and health information for the female body, teaching self healing practices to support and nurture your Divine Feminine while you build a close gathering community with the other women in our group. Classes will be recorded and sent to students, so no worries if you miss! Classes will meet once a month, 6:30pm Central on the following days: January 17th, February 16th, March 18th, April 15th, May 16th, June 13th, July 13th, August 12th, September 9th, October 10th, Novem