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  • Reiki Healing Treatment

    Experience the healing power of Reiki with Bare Roots Energy’s Traditional Usui Reiki Treatment. Our 1-hour session is designed to relieve stress, heal the energetic and physical bodies, and release blockages. Our skilled practitioners focus on balancing and healing the Chakra system and Aura, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and balanced. Appointments are available both online and in person in Lawrence, Ks. Book your Reiki Healing Treatment today and start your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life. Replenish the body from head to toe with the calming and clarifying energies of Reiki. This treatment focuses on the balancing of the four energy bodies, providing you with a feeling of stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki treatments are a great option for physical healing, emotional healing, overcoming trauma, stress management, and diving into spiritual growth. Reiki healings are always personalized and can be conducted in person or over distances. During any Reiki session, clients have the option to sit in a chair or lie on the Reiki table to receive their treatment. Pillows for under the neck and knees are available, as are light blankets. One may feel sensations of heat, chills, goosebumps, energy movement, or skin pricks as the energy flows through and around the body. Everyone's Reiki experience is different, and many people report having a different experience each time they receive treatment. After receiving a Reiki treatment, stay hydrated, enjoy your clarity, and listen to your body to give it what it needs. Learn more about how Reiki can benefit you and your family in the FAQ section of the Blog.

  • Quantum Healing

    Quantum Healing Treatments infuse the energy centers to produce real results and deeper and quicker healing. These treatments activate dormant energy centers and fields around the body, and enlighten the seven majors. With all of your channels open, your body opens up to complete synchronicity as it experiences absolute energetic hygiene. Quantum Healing Treatments are 60-minute sessions that incorporate sacred geometry, guided planning and intention work, and visualization into your energy healing treatment. This is a great treatment for those who are seeking a reset, making a big change, or are struggling to kick a stubborn illness or habit, as well as those who seek a solid foundation for their own energetic health. Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy

  • Quantum Reiki

    Quantum Healing Treatments fuse together the Source Light Protocol and traditional Reiki healing along with concepts of sacred geometry and our intentions to connect our consciousness with the entirety of our energy body and our ability to create with it. This treatment is a one-hour long treatment conducted in-studio or online. By infusing our lives with the Source energy and talents of our infinite selves, we strengthen and empower our energy field and shine into our daily lives with full control and freedom. This is more than an energy treatment. It is a healing that can begin to transform your outcomes, balance the energy body more quickly, and infuse the whole self with the light of Divine Source.  In these sessions, we will discuss the goals and healing you seek, activate dormant energy centers and channels, charge and store energy safely in your field for prolonged healing, and infuse your energy body with your intentions in order to turbo-charge your healing. Quantum Reiki Treatments are 60-minute sessions that incorporate traditional Reiki healing, sacred geometry, guided planning and intention work, visualization into your energy healing treatment. This is a great treatment for those who are seeking a reset, making a big change, or are struggling to kick a stubborn illness or habit, as well as those who seek a solid foundation for their own energetic health. Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy

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  • Mars, Post Battle Abundance: The Planetary Aids Series

    Mars: The Planetary Aids Series Jamelle Zablow-Moloney 2.4.2024 Join me for a year of planetary study with The Planetary Aids Series! This blog will be dedicated to getting to know each of our influencing planets through both Science and Tradition. At every position in the sky, there are influential energies flowing in from each planet. Stay aware that depending on which constellation the planets are passing through, their influences will be impacted by the governing traits of that zodiac archetype. This month we will be exploring the traits and influences of Mars. Discovered to the human race in 1610 by Galilei, Mars, first in his name, Roman God of War and Agriculture, brings abundance from his onset of plight and misery. Although this hefty neighbor sees us into war and can incite aggression in us when life gets on our nerves as it passes closer by, it also provides a bountiful harvest once the war is over. Abundant with the riches of life's lesson and Spiritual growth, Mars sends us on our way with a deeper understanding of ourselves and life around us through the eyes of opposition. Mars amplifies all of our characteristics, beneficial, null and harmful alike. It impacts us daily just as the sun and moon do because it is a direct neighbor, being only a hop, skip and a jump away at 49 million miles from Earth. Mars' surface is red from its iron oxide topsoil, which erupts into violent dust storms, much as its deity head did as he led the Romans into war on the back of his "masculine" hallmark. Mars, the Roman god of war leaked what we call today, masculine traits; the traits of hard physical work, loyalty, the art of giving, and an ambience of protection and progression. These traits were not necessarily defined as "masculine" then as they are now, but were rather referred to in accordance to the god they manifested in. Minerva, whom eventually replaced Mars as the chief god of war, was a perfect opposition to him, as she was the god of cunning, strategy, and collaboration. Together these two would have ruled the universe through strategic conquer, had the Romans worshiped them together. It can be alarming that Mars is said to "bring war." No one wants war, however, in its practical use, when the planet is in its influence, what it brings is a challenge for us to overcome and then to learn from. One of the most prominent traits of Mars the god was that through war, he would bring abundance, riches, and a lucky crop year. So next time Mars is overhead and shinning directly at your backyard, thank it for the hard lessons you learned on that day because they were there to teach you into your richness, your fullness, and your abundance! And yes, challenges can be challenging, but don't let that Mars energy overtake you. Remember, the hard times don't last, just like the good times, and the only way is up when you're at the bottom. Balance the Mars influence, and your fiery temper that may come with it, with more of the opposing traits (those we now call feminine traits), such as self care, calming, an openness to receive, nurture, practices of sustenance, and mediation. Stay focused on the bountiful glory that awaits you at the end of each trial, and sink into a deeper understanding of yourself and life around you with each experience. As this beautiful planet passes overhead and through your birth houses consider the following questions to get the most out of these energies: What are you working on right now? Is there anything standing in your way? What is your fastest path forward? What do you need to work on letting go of in order to take that fastest path? Short Synopsis of each Planet: Pluto rules Scorpio and is the planet of alchemy, transformation, life & death, healing, obsession, rebirth, evolution, extremes, opposites, balance, and spirituality. Neptune, ruling over Pisces, influences dreamland, impacting addiction and mistaken impressions. Neptune sharpens connection and intuition. Uranus rules Aquarius and is the planet of rebellion, individuality, revolution, community, & humanitarianism. Influencer of the sciences, Uranus incites eccentric behavior, sudden change, and tension. Uranus brings divination & news. Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition. Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition. Jupiter rules Sagittarius & influences Pisces, travel, religion, health, and justice. It is the planet of growth, abundance, optimism, opportunity, expanding consciousness, wealth, & luck. Jupiter reveals the fastest path to your destiny. Mars rules Aries and influences Scorpio, Encouraging Aggression & motivation and guiding hormones and willpower through masculine expression. Venus rules Taurus & Libra, guiding values, friendships, and sociability. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, romance, beauty, art, & feminine expression, and navigates your current incarnation. Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, causing heightened senses, sensory needs, skill, and agility. Mercury Influences Intellect, Cognition & expression, revealing how you perceive the world. The moon rules cancer, imagination, the subconscious, emotion, & instinct. The moon strengthens intuition, guides cycles, and is the Celestial Being of Mother and Children. This chart describes how Jupiter impacts each house and how to align with that impact. If you'd like a Life Path Reading to explore how all of the planets impact and map out your life and livelihood, click here! Resources

  • Plant-Based Medicine for Cold Season

    by Jamelle Zablow-Moloney January 27, 2024 Plants have an amazing ability to heal us with a gentle ease and minimal to zero side effects. Many times when we feel that we are having a side effect from a plant-based substance it is either due to a rebalancing of the body's systems, or an interaction with the medications we are taking. This is why I always recommend drinking a variety of herbal teas and eating a variety of foods that support the immune functions of the body during the cold season. In this way, the use of natural remedies for the remediation of viral and bacterial infections will not compound into side effects that leave you suspicious of the beautiful healing power of plants! The following is a list of plants I frequently use in my teas to combat the viral and bacterial infections my family and I encounter. Tea Tree, Nutmeg, Yarrow, Cinnamon, Motherwort, Gendarussa, and Mint all support respiratory health through their antimicrobial effect on the body. The terpenoids present in each of these plants are responsible for their antimicrobial properties. For preventative medicine to avoid respiratory ailments, I would recommend cycling through the plants presented here: Frankincense and Tea Tree would both be good candidates to take via essential oil diffusion through inhalation. Both essential oils need to be diluted and run the risk of contact dermatitis when applied topically. Dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea could occur if ingested, however, if not ingested, there would be no other side effects. Frankincense contains expectorant properties, preventing inflammation, and carries antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to help fight infection of the mucous. Coneflower can be brewed into tea and taken a few times a week if there is no allergy to the Echinacea family. It is not recommended to take Echinacea when drinking coffee, as it impacts the rate at which the caffeine breaks down in the body. Echinacea should not be taken with immunosuppressants but does a great job of supporting the immune system by reducing fever and providing antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immunostimulant properties. Goldenseal is a great option for preventative treatment and is considered safe if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. It is easily grown and readily available, and its benefits abound in the immune system as it provides inflammation relief, kills fungal and bacterial pathogens, and relieves stomach upset and diarrhea to relieve flu symptoms. Mullein Leaf has an antiviral effect that allows it to protect against the influenza virus. All of its active components have anti-inflammatory effects as well. Mullein grows easily across the globe, and currently, there are no known side effects or interactions with other medications. Mullein should be taken with caution according to recommended amounts from reputable sources. Clove is an expectorant when chewed, thinning out the phlegm in the throat, giving it a decongestive effect. Clove is also an anti-inflammatory and can act as a local muscle relaxer when chewed, which is how it assists in the passage of phlegm. Marshmallow has anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties. This plant contains polyphenols that coat mucous membranes found in the respiratory tract, allowing the mucous to be more easily passed through the body and promoting immune recovery. Marshmallow has also been shown to protect and assist in the migration of macrophages within the body, further promoting recovery and immune support. Goji berries are free radical scavengers and exhibit their antioxidant properties through their conduction of metal chelation throughout the body and by activating other antioxidant mechanisms. To achieve its cough suppressant effects, it is recommended to take the Goji berry syrup. Lemon balm is a good option to treat the common cold because it is readily available in most communities and produces antimicrobial, antispasmodic, and antioxidant effects when ingested as a tea, tincture, or supplement, and even when inhaled as an essential oil. Lemon balm improves immunity, relaxes the mind and body, treats insomnia and indigestion, and even relieves pain. Lemon balm’s phenolic, muscarinic acid, is responsible for its antiviral properties. The plant’s antispasmodic properties are due to its ability to fight inflammation and relax the muscles, which comes from the presence of its phenolics. I hope this information has found you well and can provide you some relief if you are in need of some quick cold and flu remedies. Should you need any plant-based medicine tea blends, please visit the shop at or contact Jamelle at © by Bare Roots Energy (tm) of Lawrence, Ks | 785-532-9356

  • Quantum Healing

    12.4.2023 With Bare Roots Energy Today's common knowledge is that the planet is shifting, and with it, humanity. Go tell it on the mountain! I can feel it, you can feel it, we can all see simply by looking out our windows. From the way we communicate to the way we act out our understandings, what some call a New Earth and others call 5D, a mass of energy is on the incoming, and we are on the end to receive. As our DNA collectively shifts to a higher vibrational expression of ourselves, we can very easily find ourselves in the grips of debasing change. The feeling that the floor is falling out from under you is never a pleasant one. While the energetic grids of the planet and atmosphere work to balance out the Earth's physical state, there are still a vast number of safety nets that we as individuals can employ for ourselves during the transition that is afoot. If we take a moment to research our daily news, we can find hits of good news here and there, and while the media is choosy, our path to raising each other, lifting our own vibration, and helping the Earth heal is still an uphill climb, and doesn't need to fall in the patterns that today's industry and media push us towards. What can we do? We can start at home. For those of you with daily practices, and for those of you who feel the pull to get into a daily practice for your energy body, NOW IS THE TIME! FIND YOUR TOOLS! The name of the game is to raise that vibration ladies and gentlemen, or else it will be raised for you through the natural consequences of your daily actions and decisions. By making the conscious effort however to engage in daily energetic practices, you take control, rather than letting life control you! The quantum universe is dually infinite in its smallness and expansiveness, and you, my friend, with your human body and your human experience, are not exempt from that reality. Because our DNA spirals with the makings of Fibonacci, our very strands are repeated in all of the material in all of the spaces, wherever we are, always. We cannot escape what makes us up, and now that energy is on the forefront of everyone's tongues in the 21st Earth century AD, we enter into a new age of amazing experiences and different forms of healing modalities. Tools that have been helpful along this woman's path Since I was young, in my household, meditation, or bringing the body and intentions to stillness, has been a regular practice in the face of frustration, nervousness, and stress. My parents preached it, our church preached it, and my parents' friends preached it. The headshop downtown preached it, and so did the bookstore next to that head shop! As I aged I gravitated towards friends who emanated that calm. It was practice in action. Coming at me from angles, I was programmed to give my thanks and understand that what was inside of me was just as infinite as what was outside of me- and for that I am absolutely thankful. It saved me a ton of time! Today to achieve that instant and consistent peace, I have several practices that I stick with because they work for me, according to my experience and trauma histories. In that way, we are all different. When people tell you to do what works for you... WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Finding what works for you in a regular spiritual or energetic practice can take a few different routes. We can experiment with all of the spiritual tools and gurus available to us today online in the corners of our communities. To get the biggest bang for your buck when you start to trust others as mentors and knowledgeable individuals behind the counter, this approach requires you to do your research and experience a journey of ups and downs as you find tools that you like, and some that you don't. Another approach is more simple than that, however. Find out what you need first. A surefire way of being led to the practices that will serve you the best is to do your inner work while you are on the hunt. It is a matter of getting to the roots of your needs in order to identify the tools that will serve you the best. Once this fork of your journey begins, the research that you pour into finding the perfect yoga instructor, therapist, or Reiki master will most certainly lead to exactly where you need to go! How to get started Do your soul work, your shadow work, whatever you want to call it, dig those big emotions out. This is the purpose of the monthly women's circle I run. This work can be done, however, in any way that serves you the best, be it crying in the shadow, journaling, or taking a walk on a trail. This is where we start because this is where trauma heals. Once that trauma starts to come up and out of us, our nervous system experiences a pathway of clarity that we won't be able to stop building upon. THAT'S IT. Personally, as a practitioner and humbled healing human being, I don't want to be preached at about all of the things I could be doing to better my energetic self, so I'm not going to do that here. You know where to find me. However, here is your starting point. It is within you. Clean that spiral out from within your core being, and the energy from all of creation will flow through you like the waterfall that you need to bring your dreams to life. The new Quantum Healing series of energetic treatments is here to facilitate your daily energetic cleansings. These healings work with your body from the inside out to awaken your higher energies and connect you to the grids that carry you throughout your every day. If you are interested in the Quantum Energetic Healing Sessions I offer, please visit to book an appointment. If you'd like some ideas, conversation, or direction on your way to find a productive daily practice for your quantum body, I am only a text, call, or email away with a variety of daily tools to pile into your basket. In the meantime, Happy Healing, from Jamelle @ Bare Roots Energy

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  • Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services Lawrence, Ks

    Providing energetic free will for the relief from stress, anxiety, depression, ADD/HD, and more. Step into your daily energetic practices with Bare Roots Energy. Try it for $20 Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 4.51.59 PM Begin your healing here. Book Now. General Zoom Access to Free Healing- Click Here Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 4.51.48 PM Free meditations by Bare Roots Energy in the Meditation Classroom. Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 4.42.58 PM Power of 8 Healing Circle Link. Email for free Admittance. Sacred Rhythms Square Fliers Sacred Rhythms Classroom The Meditation Manual Cover Square Meditation Manual, available in a paperback workbook or as an online course. Up Coming Events Thu, Feb 15 Bi-Weekly Free Online Reiki Clinic (1) / Zoom: Multiple Dates Buy Tickets Feb 15, 2024, 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM CST Zoom: Join me on Zoom and FB Live every other Thursday night, 8:30 Central Standard Time, for a Free mini-healing. Fall gently into relaxation and healing from anywhere, all over the world. Donations are welcome! Purchase a ticket here, or donating on Venmo or PayPal. Sun, Mar 10 Sacred Rhythms 2023 (2) / Zoom Link Emailed to Students Multiple Dates Buy Tickets Mar 10, 2024, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM CDT Zoom Link Emailed to Students Join us for the 2024 online class of Sacred Rhythms! A 12-month course that teaches how to cleanse inside and out and how to open up energy channels for wholeness and manifestation! Be a part of this amazing wellness circle that meets for an hour a month to celebrate, learn, release, and meditate! TESTIMONIALS Best thing I have ever done for myself! Love Janelle and highly recommend her. Best I have felt in years! Donna C., Kansas Read the interview here! Meeting and receiving services from Jamelle has been amazing! I recommend her to everyone I can. I have grown more in tune with myself with her help. Angela R., Kansas Jamelle really understood my spiritual path, and helped me to figure out where my blocks are at! She’s incredibly kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable and I’m thankful to have this service offered near me. I can’t wait for my next session and can’t recommend her highly enough! Kayla S., Kansas Cupons Current Coupons 1 copy Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 6.57.29 PM 1 copy 1/2 Blog 4 min Planets and Zodiacs Mars, Post Battle Abundance: The Planetary Aids Series Discovered to the human race in 1610 by Galilei, Mars, first in his name, the Roman God of War and Agriculture, brings abundance from his 4 min Planets and Zodiacs Jupiter, Governor and Goddess of Abundance & Expansion: The Planetary Aids Series Jupiter was discovered by Galileo in 1610. It is 4.5 billion years old and knows more about God's secrets than any of us ever will. 4 min Planets and Zodiacs Saturn, Ruler of Time and Structure: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series Saturn is the lord of time and structure, guiding our senses to plan, organize, and work through our tasks in logical order and timing. 4 min Planets and Zodiacs Neptune: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series Join me for a year of planetary study with The Planetary Aids, Planets Series! This blog will be dedicated to getting to know each of our in 5 min Planets and Zodiacs Uranus: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series Pluto: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series Jamelle Zablow-Moloney 5.23.2023.8 Join me for a year of planetary study with my new blog... 3 min Planets and Zodiacs Pluto: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series At every position in the sky, there are influential energies flowing in from each planet. This article will explore the influences felt by e Subscribe About Me 2 min About Me About Me Jamelle Zablow-Moloney of Bare Roots Energy Jamelle Zablow-Moloney Opened to the public in 2018, I founded Bare Roots Energy out of a... Contact Bare Roots Energy Bare Roots Energy 2706 Iowa St suite f, Lawrence, KS 66046 785-532-9356

  • Source Light Training | Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks|Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks

    Source Light Training Infuse your body, life, and business with the Light of the Universe. Source Light Training teaches you the protocol for the Source Light Infusions so that you can complete the process on yourself daily and begin to transform your outcomes and your life. People who have been practicing this technique have testified that transitions have occurred quickly, naturally, and in direct alignment with their core, their truth, and their Soul. Source Light Training includes up-to-date information and research on Energy Anatomy, methods for testing the quality of your energetic health, and how to fully activate the energy centers and system to receive endless energy and connection. Join me, alongside my mentor and teacher, Kathy Forest, as we dive deep into the stretches of the Galactic plane to retrieve the lost structures and energies boundlessly available to us through our Sacred Energy Body. Source Ligth Training is a stunning out-picturing of what our Souls have been craving on this planet since the ancient, sacred knowledge of our body’s truth was buried many millennia ago. By awakening to our Soul’s light and connecting with it on a daily basis and through its true nature, we become informed automatically of our next steps, our deep needs, and the perspective of universal equality. Through a daily soul-based protocol, not only our body, but our life as well begins to expand according to our true sovereignty and the healing we find along the way to claiming and practicing it. This training will… Provide you with a daily energetic protocol Provide you with a daily structure for intention and creation work Provide you with a deep understanding of your Energetic Self Provide you with a phase of Energetic Hygiene Provide you with the tools to heal yourself and your family members using the knowledge of the planet’s Life Structure, aka, Sacred Geometry. You will walk away from this course with… A renewed focus on what you want, what you need, the steps to take, and where you are going A structure for a powerful and productive morning routine A Daily Energetic Healing Tool Another Potent Energy Healing Tool to use for transitions, illnesses The opportunity to study the further levels of this course which focus on Source Light for Business Success, Source Light for Relationships, and Source Light Practitioner’s Use, And so much more. Classes are held online, with information following registration. This is the first of a series of Source Light Trainings. This first level will offer personal use of the protocol which can also be applied to those close to you on an informal basis. Subsequent levels provide specific training aspects including a professional level which provides the healing protocols to use in your own business and on a professional level. Welcome to the system innate to our true natures. Welcome to your Soul. Enroll Here Level 1 will be taught on: March 29, 30, and 30th, Time to be announced! Level 1 of Source Light Training is $119.19, available with a 3-month payment plan.

  • The Energetic Hyigene Classroom | Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks|Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks

    Energetic Hygiene Ke epin' It Clean Classroom Style Quantum Healing for Daily Use 222 US dollars $222 Book Now Source Light Training Mar 29, 2024 - Mar 31, 2024 $119.19 or Pay it in 3 Join

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