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  • Astral Color Reading

    Discover your Astral Color and open your world up to specific tools that vibrate with and strengthen your personal frequency. Learn which colors, foods, stones, and numbers your body most optimally resonates with, learn which of your chakra centers are working strongly and which need a boost, and learn how these things can be subtly incorporated into your daily life for fine-tuning your healing journey. Astral Color Readings are... * A simple and fun way to specify your daily habits and routines and further empower your current energetic and health routines. * Specific to each individual and provide information that shines light into all aspects of your life. * Great gifts for anyone who is seeking more insight into how energetics impact them and their lives. Astral Color Readings require an in-person initial reading or a photo of the person the reading is for. Once the reading is complete, you will receive your Personal Astral Color Report which includes... *A personal Mandala with your Astral Color printed on greeting cards. (Other options are available at a higher charge and can be discussed when the appointment is booked.) *Details about your color and how it can benefit your energy field. *Details about the specific foods in resonance with your Astral Color. *Details about the specific stones in resonance with your Astral Color. *Details about the specific numbers 1-19, which resonates the strongest with your personal frequency. *A chakra temperature check to identify which of your chakra centers are working efficiently and functioning at full strength, and those which would benefit from strengthening activities. *Extra traits can be added on and tested for at an additional fee of $15. Astral Color Reports are emailed out within 5 days of the initial testing. Please contact Jamelle at BRE with any questions or special requests! jam@barerootsenergy 785-532-9356

  • Q.H. Daily Chakra Infusion Instruction

    Quantum Healing for Daily Use is a system of daily energy center clearing that can provide your life with a renewed sense of clarity, focus, and creation. Quantum Healing for Daily Use incorporates, much like the healings, guided planning, tonal integration, visualization, and purposeful intention work, to create a daily meditative routine that will clear and begin to activate your energy body in a way that it has not lived before. Learn this routine for your own daily use!  This will be the only daily energetic cleanser you need! The Quantum Healings are a great way to take back control and manage your day-to-day. It can seem impossible to balance everything that is on our plates at times. By utilizing this energetic technique on a daily basis, you can change the trajectory of your stress, anxiety, depression, ADD/HD, and begin to heal your trauma naturally. Once you have incorporated this routine into your daily schedule, things begin to gently shift, fall better into place, and begin to stabilize in a way that supports your well-being. Daily use of this technique can provide your major energy centers with a deep and structured cleanse and begin to activate dormant centers in your field that will begin to change your life dramatically. The Quantum Healing for Daily Use ads the Source Light Protocol to the Daily Chakra Infusion provides instruction on intention setting and a deeper understanding of Energy Anatomy, a guided meditation, and a card deck transcript with your daily protocol. Quantum Healing Sessions are available with and without coaching. Scheduling is flexible and contract-free. Quantum Healing Daily Protocol for Self-Use: $333 Treatment Only: $95 Additional Coaching: $30 after a year of purchase Handmade Infused Card Deck: $45 Learn More at Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy

  • Daily Chakra Infusion by B.R.E.©️

    Daily meditation and/or healing rituals open the door for continual healing and growth. They keep the energy body consistently clear and help it to sustain a higher frequency. The practice of meditation serves as the glue that binds all other modalities of healing into a powerhouse of effective treatment and mindset change, and adding the elements of intention and energy healing makes that impact life-changing. Just as you strengthen the brain with meditation, you can also strengthen your energy body to hold a certain vibration throughout your day without much effort on your part. This is the benefit of the Daily Chakra Infusion. The Daily Chakra Infusion can be done as a healing treatment in-studio or online, or it can be learned for personal daily use through a couple of coaching sessions.  The Daily Chakra Infusion is a set of mantras tailored to your needs based on life changes, affirmations, manifestations, traditional practices, or even health needs. This is a great practice for individuals who are busy all day, every day, and who are seeking an energetic shield to support their intuitive nature, chronic fatigue, and healing processes. This routine, when done consistently and daily, can clear you out at a pace that makes the healing last, and builds on all other healing tools you are employing throughout your journey. It can serve you whether you need a meditation starter kit or a deeper meditation to strengthen your practice. It can be tailored for your morning or bedtime routines, built into a dinner-time prayer, or woven into your life in any fashion you can dream up. Once purchased, a consultation with you will be the first step to getting details about the areas in which you want to focus, what your daily routines look like, and where we can squeeze your Chakra practice in without disrupting your schedule. When complete, a personalized meditation is created and sent. Once you have worked with your meditation for a few days consistently, we will reconvene to see if the mantras need to be adjusted before your card deck is created for you and shipped out!  I will keep your meditation records on file for reference so that we can work together to change them during your growth process.  $190: Learn the treatment for yourself in person or online, 1 Transcript Deck, 1 extra Coaching Session, Basic Energy Anatomy  $95: Treatment only, available in studio or online  $30: Additional coaching sessions  $35: Handmade Card Decks 

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  • Meditation in Perspective: Seeking the Quiet Mind

    By Jamelle Zablow-Moloney 10, June, 2024 How many people have told you to meditate? I know your Reiki Master has, and probably your therapist, your doctor, your sister, and more, even if they don’t engage in the practice themselves! Why? Because there are thousands of years of evidence backing the practice.   By now, we all know that thoughts become things. Each thought creates a system of intelligent particles providing our cells with a chemical memory that gets stored in the body. This occurs with pleasant and unpleasant emotions, building our perceptions, our health, and our lives. Healthy thoughts and emotions provide our cells with balance, and in a balanced state, our body has full access to its self-healing abilities. Stress will do the opposite and keep us from those self-healing abilities innate to our bodies.  Persistent and long-standing stress and trauma are causes and symptoms of emotional memory that will, unless processed and released, hide in the central nervous system, joints, organs, and energy fields. This phenomenon causes energetic build-up, producing illness and creating brain fog. Meditation alone or with other therapeutic activities breaks this cycle.  Engaging in regular meditation practice provides a magical release for the nervous system. As we let all of our bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, settle into deep relaxation, areas of particle build-up begin to dislodge from the nooks and crannies inside of us and flow down our energetic streams to rejoin the electrical current that sustains our life. This effect occurs when we sleep as well, but flows faster through meditation, as the conscious metacognitive exercise allows us the opportunity to acknowledge what is occurring in our minds, bodies, and etheric layers. This is how meditation turns pain into neutrality to create healing within. This is Seeking the Quiet Mind. Seeking the quiet mind  is a pathway of meditation that allows all  of our human fallacies to lead to peace, release, and balance. See, attaching judgment to our reoccurring thoughts and memories can be helpful when the thoughts and memories are helpful. When they are not, that judgment re-strings those thoughts and emotions to our conscious mind, nervous system, and psyche, a cycle that keeps us from letting go. Seeking the quiet mind is the practice of seeing those thoughts as they come up, refraining from applying judgment, and letting them pass through the body and mind with total neutrality.  Easier said than done! Here are some tips and tricks that I hope will help you along your way to finding the consistency of motivation to engage in meditation practice: Thoughts are tricky and sticky little things, and they come back! Heavy thoughts will come up time and time again. Let this natural process occur. We are called on to learn and  release our biggest life lessons over and over until we really see them for what they are and really see ourselves for what we are. Meditation is a tool that helps us manage this cycle, heal through it, and change it, rather than live with the repetition indefinitely. Let your long-term goal be to reach a quiet mind, and your short-term meditation goal be to simply stay in the practice for a dedicated amount of time each week. Practice daily or 3-4 times per week. If you struggle to hold attention and sit still, practice meditation for one minute at a time, and start building yourself up from there. Baby steps lead to mastery, and the benefits lead to a well-balanced future.  The most effective way to meditate is to do so for between 11 and 15 minutes at a time. Once the body hits the 8-10 minute mark of settling down, it enters into a deep relaxed state where healing begins. Small doses are effective, and longer doses are more so. Let the thoughts flow out instead of pushing them back down or ignoring them. Thinking and noticing what you are thinking is a part of the metacognitive healing process. When thoughts hang on and keep coming back, we know they need our attention. Set time aside for thought processing and therapeutic practices separately from meditation to make the healing process more gentle.  Meditation is flexible and can be used in many ways. If your jam isn’t to sit and seek the quiet mind, use it as an affirmation practice and recite your affirmations during mental down times throughout your day. For instance, when you’re sitting at a stop light, you have the opportunity to raise your emotional state for a solid 5 minutes with a meditative affirmation before green says GO! During meditation, remind yourself that distraction is a part of the physical release process. You’re not doing it wrong, you’re doing it very right! See those thoughts for what they are, acknowledge them, and let them float away, even if they come back. Your meditation time is to support the cleansing process, and your therapeutic times are to support the understanding and learning processes.  Meditation becomes most effective for us when used consistently, working efficiently and quickly to change our lives regardless of the direction we want to go. Many practices provide us the means to reclaim our clear inner current such as eating clean, Yoga, Reiki, spiritual adventuring, breath work, and more, with Meditation rising at the top of the list due to its convenient accessibility to practice independently, anywhere, anytime. If you are looking for guided meditation, instruction, and/or coaching in the area, stop by for a visit!  Thanks for reading, and as always, Happy Healing! Jamelle at Bare Roots Energy

  • The Nature of the Energetic Cord

    Jamelle Zablow-Moloney January 1, 2023 We are all energetic generators! The electrical currents and particles that are absorbed, emitted, and processed by living beings- humans, animals, and plants- are just recently entering the scientific frontier for study, even though their existence has been acknowledged and used for healing and diagnosis around the world for over a millennium. As we speak, a new MRI machine that can trace deep brain light is being developed! The human body is made up of not only bone, tissue, and water but also of electrical currents, energy centers, energy fields (auras), and cords of energy. Today, our focus is on the phenomena of the energetic cord, with its ability to both store and transport our energies, mimicking the functions of the circulatory system and dictating the health of our relationships with the outside world. Energetic cords are concentrated pathways of the electricity generated by and running throughout our bodies. These cords run along our Meridian lines (TCM), express outward from our chakra centers, and run along both our horizontal axis at the heart center and the vertical axis following our spine (the Hara Line). At work inside the body, these energetic highways disperse our energy to specific organs, tissues, and areas of our physique to regulate our health. At work outside of the body, these cords give and receive energy to and from situations and other people. If the energy bond is strong and consistent enough, a cord will form in order to regulate a balanced energy exchange between the two individuals. These cords can originate from all of our energy centers in one form or another. However, the cords created at the Root, Sacral, and Heart Chakra centers are big influencers in our daily lives and how we interact with others and our environment. These particular centers, along with the Crown, dictate our physical, emotional, and mental responses to our daily experiences more than any other energy center we have. These areas of the body process more energy, producing more of it in turn. When energetic cords exist between two people, they most typically originate from the heart, sacrum, or root centers, depending on the relationship type. Parent-child and intimate relationships grow at the roots and sacral centers, while sibling relationships and relationships between best friends grow a cord at the heart. The job of this cord is to keep a balanced field of power between its two entities by exchanging energy at the most optimal resonance, using what energy is available between the two. If both parties are able to source (generate) their own energy to stay emotionally fulfilled, keep good relationship boundaries, and vibrate with resonance of joy-filled emotions, both parties will continuously generate more than enough energy to promote good physical and mental health. This balanced and high vibrational connection is the ideal type of relationship we inherently strive for in all of our connections, and it generates energy at an exponential rate, influencing a greater outside environment with a greater potential for healing and happiness. This is why it is so important for us to mind our thoughts and emotions, and to know how to consciously do so. The magic of this electrical exchange is that it helps us to generate energy for ourselves and, when operating under healthy conditions, can generate more than we need in order to share it with those in need. The more energy we have, the more we have to share, and the more we share, the more we generate! Energy cords make it possible for us to more easily feel the emotions and moods of someone with whom we are very close, even if we are not physically around them. They make it possible for us to share the healing burden, to hold our loved ones when they are in need, and to accept the help of others when we are in need. Energetic cords can be very useful when shared between two people who sustain a nurturing relationship. It is, for instance, beneficial for this cord to exist between a mother and child because it provides a balancing effect, helping to teach the child what emotional regulation feels like, when to be afraid, and how to emotionally perceive the world around them, assuming the mother is in good mental and emotional health themselves. How we use our Cords Our perception of the world expresses itself when we have feelings about something we experience and when those feelings cause a physical reaction, such as goosebumps, giddiness, or a pit in our stomach. This is the type of learning we glean from our parents at a very young age through our observations and through the energetic cords that bind us. This exchange of information dictates how we feel about everything we encounter and how we manage those feelings. This is important because those feelings, in turn, impact our bodies and health by releasing specific hormones in our brains, the physical consequence of each of our thoughts. Due to this energetic relationship, our offspring feel what we feel much of the time, learning what is ‘normal’ for us, adapting to that ‘normal,’ and making it their own. If we are joyful most of the time, our offspring will inherit that high vibrational emotional resonance and be in good health. If we are stressed much of the time, they will learn what the feeling of stress is, that it is ‘normal’ to feel that way, and dwell in a lower vibrational state of health, just as you do. This type of cord connection and learning can occur in other relationships when individuals are with each other for prolonged periods of time, such as in marriages, long-standing work relationships, and sibling relationships. Emotional ties and intimate relationships can build cords and keep them strong if emotions and intimacy continue to flow between the two individuals. These cords are useful by providing healing for the relationship but only work well and on a long-term basis if both individuals are sufficient in sourcing their own energies and are able to keep an energetic balance. If both parties are sourcing their energy from within themselves, the combined resonance of the couple will grow, providing continual growth and happiness for both parties. Couples that share this production are power couples, accomplishing goals and demonstrating flexibility and understanding. Couples, be they intimate or not, who demonstrate an over-dependency of each other or an imbalance of dependency between the two of them will experience turmoil in the relationship until a balance is found or until the cord is removed in order to teach each individual to independently meet their own energetic needs. Sometimes we need to unplug. When we are unable to source our own emotional energy from within at the rate we need, we begin to impose emotional attachments on others that are unbalanced and unhealthy in order to get the energy we cannot give ourselves. This altars the balance of the overall shared energy in the relationship. When energy is exchanged at such a low vibration, it can make us uncomfortable and cause discord in the relationship in the form of spats, fights, or even breakups. Further, when we are running the energy from unhealthy attachments through our bodies, we fail to see the impact this mitigation process has on us because we are honed in on how the energy exchange (aka the relationship) is making us feel. This leads to poor overall health. If one person is using up more energy than the other in the relationship, an imbalance occurs. Consider this scenario and remember that the energetic cord’s ultimate goal is to keep a balance of energy; If a person with whom you share a cord is balancing out at a different resonance than you, the cord will begin an exchange of energy to achieve a balanced between both sources. Some of your energy will be transferred to the other person in order to raise their emotional state and create an equilibrium of life force between the two of you. If you are not able to source your own energy from within, this natural process can create a draining effect on both you and the energetic relationships in which you operate. If we are unable to recognize when we are pulling energy from others in order to meet our own emotional needs, we are missing the opportunity to learn how to be emotionally independent and sovereign. When we decide to source our own energies for emotional fulfillment, and when we decide to clear or detach our energetic cords from others (as needed and necessary), we begin to clear ourselves of false beliefs, relationships that no longer serve us, and ineffective perceptions that die away as the cords are cleansed or released. Unplugging doesn’t have to mean that we are throwing each other away or removing ourselves from the relationship. It is merely the process of reclaiming our energy for ourselves so that we can operate at our highest potential every moment of every day. Once we have detached our cords from those we do not need to give our energies any longer, we begin to more fully source our life force energy from within, which in turn requires the other person to do the same. Additionally, by doing our energetic work and keeping our emotional, mental, and spiritual vessels clear, we can produce enough of our own energy, and when we use it at a logical and reasonable rate, we are then able to keep our physical bodies clean, clear, and healthy. An energetic cord is just that, a cord of electricity with a single purpose, to mitigate its electrical charge for the most optimal balance possible. If you find yourself drained of energy after leaving certain people or situations and are ready to reclaim your full energy source for your own fulfillment and growth, you have plenty of options. Cord clearings, ceremonies and rituals, energy healing, Soul work, and energy charts can help you release what you no longer need and take back what is you and yours! Bare Roots Energy offers classes, Reiki healing, energy healing, chart work, guided ceremonies, and meditations to aid in your releasing and cleansing needs!

  • An Awakening Planet: Raising Your Own Vibration to Heal the Vibration of the Planet

    By Jamelle Zablow-Moloney Watching the world change is something many don't slow down to engage in until they are nearing retirement age, have grandkids, or become too ill to keep up with our fast-paced society. Considering what our forefathers, ancestors, and great-grandparents had to endure, it is easy to see that we have it made in comparison; however, with triumph comes surprise challenges, some that no one anticipated. With our stabilized system of medical treatment, we have an increase in life span and a reduced illness-related and pregnancy-related death rate, which has led to such a significant overpopulation that we are now creating and dispersing old and novel viruses at the pandemic level. With such rapidly advancing technology, we have improved efficiency across all sectors of life, yet at the same time, have introduced to the developing mind of children a tool that stunts cognitive and social growth and also has devastating and lasting effects on the mental health of adults. BUT FEAR NOT! WE ARE AWAKENING! One amazing thing that has revealed itself due to our recent pandemic is the individual's drive to get, be, and stay well. Never before has the general population shifted from isolation to a longing for positive energy and forward-moving action. Here in America, our Civil Rights Movement has taken up stance again and brought to the surface multiple channels of renewal for lasting change, including police and policy reform, advocacy for the previously incarcerated, and revised public school curriculum. Each day, we run into more clients, friends, colleagues, and strangers seeking fulfillment and peace. This is the forward movement our planet needs. That deep longing in each of us that calls out the dirty energies that keep us bogged down with bad moods and rude attitudes. This is where our energy bodies come in! As You Heal, I Too Heal. As I Heal, You Too Heal. There is an old Reiki saying: As you heal, I too heal. It's actually the name of the Reiki Manuals that I have written because nothing more could be closer to the truth. Here's why: As my energy is healed, my auric layers and physical body begin to vibrate at a rate that makes me feel more balanced, making me feel and experience life in a way that allows me to mingle peacefully with the planet and others. As I bring balance to myself, I then bring balance to situations, and in turn help to balance the experience of others. This balancing effect helps us all to mitigate our energetic fluctuations and moods as we go through our day. This is the importance of staring with the self. As we produce energy, we shed it as well, ever so slightly, leaving our energetic imprints everywhere we go. Our energetic imprints are all unique and are like ripples in the pond, they have a lasting effect on all of the spaces and beings we are near at all times. Think about that for a second. If I am feeling a certain way, my emotion, which holds a resonance, will be read by the energy circulating in the room, informing all of the other individuals in that room. This is why we can feel the burden of a friend who is struggling as soon as they enter the room. This resonant phenomena doesn't stop there, though! It can even travel over space and time to inform you of when a loved one is struggling across the globe! We are in touch with each other innately, on a level we, here in the states, don't typically acknowledge. But now we are armed with the knowledge. Now we know the details of how the system works, and now we can work it so it can work better! We are all on an inherent search to feel contentment and safety. It is in our human nature. It is why we seek the things that make us happy. However, as a society, we must refrain from obtaining this happiness at the cost of others. The planet needs us more than ever now. Our cultures around the world suffer tremendously from violence, exposure to damaging media, and policy that cannot manage mass populations. The hope lies within ourselves. To focus on your own healing is, in turn, an act of planetary healing. Never underestimate the power of a clean energy body walking! For tips and tricks about how to start your self-healing journey, I suggest energy work and meditation. If you are interested in diving deep, check out some of my classes: Living Your Life Through Intention, Sacred Rhythms, and Clearing Your Cord of Expectations There are also free resources on my site to help you navigate tough situations and chakra education, and as always, energy work is a simple, effortless way to start down your journey, and appointments only start at $65 for each session! Feel free to drop me a line with questions, struggles, and ideas, and as always, Happy Healing! For bookings, visit: For class options, visit:

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  • Social Emotional Learning | Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks|Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks

    Welcome to Your Social Emotional Education My name is Jamelle Zablow-Moloney, owner and operator of Bare Roots Energy, and licensed Special Educator since 2008. Through my teaching career I have specialized in social-emotional education, individualized instruction, and social-emotional curriculum design. Now, I've taken that skill set to the public to offer this benefit outside of the traditional public school classroom. In a world of turmoil, join me, and find your own skill set in social emotional wellbeing here. Social Skills Class Description & Details Has therapy become too expensive for your ailing pre-teen? Is the school counselor tapped out this year from your child's school's endless needs? This is the situation I found myself in year after year with my own children, which led me to open up my doors to my neighborhood and community families in need. Kids need to talk. We all need to talk, and sometimes it's either unaffordable or inconvenient to find the right person or group to get it all out with. Look no further! Bare Roots Energy offers social emotional courses with like-minded individuals who need affordable counseling alternatives and formalized education in the area of social skills and emotional regulation. With 15 years of experience as a Special Educator teaching social skills directly in the k-12 classrooms, I have seen the impact that direct instruction and group work can have on struggling students, as well as the adults in their lives. Using the concepts of the Circle of Courage, my instruction focuses on the whole person and the whole family, taking a realistic approach to processing emotions and building skills that follow students into their daily lives for use in real time. This class offers planned lessons and meditation services, and teaches SMART Goals, executive functioning skills, emotional regulation, conversation navigation, life skills, thought regulation, and metacognitive skills, just to name a few. Individuals of all needs, ages, and disabilities are served here! ​ Classes and groups are Available for children K-12, and beyond Available for individuals with disabilities Available in one on one or group settings Always tailored to the needs of the individual and the group Include open conversation Teach coping strategies Teach through role play Organized by age and need Comes with an online classroom Taught by me, a licensed Special Educator Available in person at our local library, or online through Zoom Flexible in scheduling Offered in 30-minute or hour-long increments Academic Tutoring is available as well, upon request, and at the same price, listed below!​ Eneter the Classroom A Little About Your Teacher I earned my first degree at K-State in Elementary Education with a focus on Special Education in 2008, following up with 2 Master's in Special Education K-5 and Special Education 6-12. My teaching career has afforded me the rich experience of teaching students K-12 in both the public school settings, in the private settings in specialized day schools, and in the state's residential facilities. I have had the honor of working with students and families of all backgrounds and needs and pride myself on building the lasting relationships that have changed outlooks and behaviors. Special Education has gifted me the rich knowledge of the counseling world paired with the tools of teaching, allowing my instruction to reach beyond the classroom and into the daily lives of my students. In 2020, my family shift required me to leave my favorite job as a Teacher in the Basehor-Linwood school district, which led me to open up my own business, Bare Roots Energy, and offer the service of Social Skills Instruction to the public outside of the school system. Aside from my new career as a small business owner, I substitute and raise my two vibrant daughters as my husband travels the states building Wind Turbines. My hopes in offering this service to you is that you and your children find support in your social emotional and education needs at an affordable rate and in an accessible way. Pleas feel free to contact me with questions about the program or to sign up! No contracts are needed and scheduling is flexible! Contact Drop a line to learn more and discuss your individual needs! Call or text 785-532-9356 Eneter the Classroom Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

  • Meditation Room | Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks|Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks

    The Meditation Room Items to help you on your meditative journey. Shop Meditation Room Sacred Rhythms Room Reiki Room Alchemical Trails Room Tea & Smudge Room Gift Shop Gift Card Physical Healing Quick View Mala Beads Amazonite & Aventurine Price 30,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Seeking The Quiet Mind Quick View Meditation Manual Online Class Price 50,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Seeking The Quiet Mind Quick View Meditation Coaching Sessions Price From 30,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Personalized Group Meditation Price 150,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Personalized Guided Meditation Price 60,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Meditation Manual Paperback Workbook Price 18,95$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping New Arrival! Quick View Mala Beads Black Wooden Beads Price 18,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala Beads Quartz and Blue Adventurine Price 20,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala Beads Red Wood Price 15,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala beads Smoky Quartz & Kyanite Out of stock Quick View Mala Beads Onyx, Rhodonite & Lava Stone Price 45,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala Beads Turquoise Wood Beads Price 18,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala Beads Gold Wood & Stone Beads Price 20,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala beads Glass & Green Jade Price 27,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala Beads Sunflowers Price 10,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Mala Beads Amethyst, Jasper & Labradorite Price 45,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Quick View Rudraksha Mala Beads Price 15,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Physical Healing Quick View Mala Beads Howlite & Aventurine Price 35,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Love & Comfort Quick View Mala Beads Quartz, Rhodonite & Jasper Price 50,00$ Excluding Sales Tax | Shipping Spiritual Connection Quick View Mala Beads Amethyst Out of stock Load More

  • Source Light Training | Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks|Bare Roots Energy Reiki & Meditation Services, Lawrence, Ks

    Source Light Training Infuse your body, life, and business with the Light of the Universe. The Source Light Protocol is the tool we use to re-teach our bodies how to Source our Energy from the endless Universe through the totality of our energetic system, rather than relying on the energy that is sourced to us through our environment alone. Once we open ourselves up to this transformative method of working, feeling, loving, and living through our own Soul’s energy, we find that we are in full control of our lives, emotions, creations, and the actions that assist us in following through to live our true and full purpose. ​ The changes we and our planet are now going through call on us all to upgrade our frequencies. This new age of Earth will not only teach us about the bond and connection we each have with our greater energetic systems but also require us all to engage in regular energetic hygiene, and take responsibility for our FULL selves. The Source Light Protocol will instill in you just that: full energetic health and sovereignty. ​ Source Light Training teaches you the protocol for the Source Light Infusions so that you can complete the process on yourself daily and begin to transform your outcomes and your life. People who have been practicing this technique have testified that transitions have occurred quickly, naturally, and in direct alignment with their core, their truth, and their Soul. Source Light Training includes up-to-date information and research on Energy Anatomy, methods for testing the quality of your energetic health, and how to fully activate the energy centers and system to receive endless energy and connection. Join my teacher and Mentor, Kathy Forest and myself, as we dive deep into the stretches of the Galactic plane to retrieve the lost structures and energies boundlessly available to us through our Sacred Energy Body. Source Light Training is a stunning out-picturing of what our Souls have been craving on this planet since the ancient, sacred knowledge of our body’s truth was buried many millennia ago. Through a daily soul-based protocol, not only our body, but our life as well begins to expand according to our true sovereignty and the healing we find along the way to claiming and practicing it. By awakening to our Soul’s light and connecting with it on a daily basis and through its true nature, we become informed automatically of our next steps, our deep needs, and the perspective of universal equality. ​ This training will… Provide you with a daily energetic protocol Provide you with a daily structure for intention and creation work Provide you with a deep understanding of your Energetic Self Provide you with a phase of Energetic Hygiene Provide you with the tools to heal yourself and your family members using the knowledge of the planet’s Life Structure, aka, Sacred Geometry. Provide you with a daily tool that will build momentum for you as you take action towards your goals. Full Energetic Sovereignty Full Energetic Sovereignty Full Energetic Sovereignty You will walk away from this course with… A renewed focus on what you want, what you need, the steps to take, and where you are going A structure for a powerful and productive morning routine A Daily Energetic Healing Tool Another Potent Energy Healing Tool to use for transitions, illnesses The opportunity to study the further levels of this course which focus on Source Light for Business Success, Source Light for Relationships, and Source Light Practitioner’s Use, And so much more. Classes are held online, with information following registration. This is the first of a series of Source Light Trainings. This first level will offer personal use of the protocol which can also be applied to those close to you on an informal basis. Subsequent levels provide specific training aspects including a professional level which provides the healing protocols to use in your own business and on a professional level. Welcome to the system innate to our true natures. Welcome to your Soul. Enroll Here Check our events page for course dates ​ If you do not see a date that works for you, contact me at Welcome Your Soul Home Welcome Your Soul Home Welcome Your Soul Home

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  • Energetic Hygiene and Anatomy

    Looking for a way to stay on the up and up? Becoming aware of and interacting with your energy body on a daily basis is the fastest route to complete and total health, healing, and creation! Welcome to the only energy anatomy course you'll ever need where you will learn how to go within to find your personal energetic formula. Follow along with us throughout the year as we traverse the teaching of the globe, stay up on the most recent research in the fields of energy healing and physics, and learn how it can be incorporated into your life with ease for transformational results. Energetic Hygiene & Anatomy is a deep dive into the energy body including the specifics of what it looks like, all of its components, how it functions, how to clean it, and how to keep it healthy. Journey through historical accounts of how our ancestors used their energetic awareness to shape their world, and how we can now continue to do the same in the age of enlightenment and technology. During this course, you will learn the Daily Chakra Infusion and how to incorporate it into your life to use a daily energy cleanser, as well as the Source Light Protocol in order to learn how to use your energetic system to its full potential in all of your creation processes. This class will also teach you how to utilize your own frequency for tangible applications in your life, and how to tap into your higher knowledge for clear guidance and decision-making. This course meets bi-weekly and can be joined at any point of the year, with tickets available for the entire year, for a single month, or for a single class, while regular classes are in session. Protocol class days are reserved for year-long students. Payment plans are available. If you would like to purchase this course in a single class or monthly, please visit our events page for tickets at

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