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Finding Your Right Healing Path

Jamelle A. Zablow-Moloney

9, Sept. 2023

Healing solutions that are right and perfect for you are dependent on your inner environment. Take survey of what's going on in your head, and let that information guide you to the healing opportunities you need.

How much do you struggle with yourself?

How much do you struggle with your day-to-day life?

The answers to these questions will inform you of whether you need to start a meditation routine, an exercise regime, a diet change, or some trauma processing. If you're a fighter and on the struggle bus with all of the different parts of yourself, it is a good indication that you're looking for relief somewhere, and in our present day, healing opportunities abound with variety and easy access. From yoga to Ayahuasca ceremonies, you can have your aura cleansed or join a wellness group that welcomes you into their fold with open arms. When coming across new healing opportunities, which I am sure many of you do more often now that the "New Age" is here, some helpful things to consider are...

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We all deserve joy.

  • Is this a feasible activity for me to do once, a few times, or often? Because inner healing is a journey, a single tool or strategy that we implement but do not stay consistent with, will naturally remove itself from our schedule and life, and thus cease to work in our favor. The best tools to help us down the path of healing and growth, are those that both feed our soul and are easily implemented into our daily schedules and routines in a way that makes us want to stick with them and complete them each day or each time we need them.

  • There are several healing modalities that can give you a good cleansing and produce a life-changing effect for you, however, after the magic wears off, what will you have to replace the feeling of enlightenment, self-assurance, joy, security, and progress? As a practitioner, I highly recommend activities such as retreats, ceremonial events, Shamanic journeying, or meditative sabbaticals. What I would call 'large scale' and 'one-time' healings are so valuable because they are life-changing, and also because they can get you on the healing path and keep you on it for long periods of time (relatively speaking). Consider this, while you are in that sweet spot of bliss after your 2-week retreat is over, what daily strategies will you implement and begin holding in place to carry you through the long term? I'm talking years and years long-term.

Do you have access to smaller-scale routines that still have significant and lasting impacts on your moods, your peace, and your ability to manifest?

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We can make anything possible with the right support.

  • Do you have a daily routine that you stay consistent with simply out of habit? Is it feeding your joy and growth, or is it a burden? If it's a burden, it's time to let that routine go, change it, or gussy it up a bit. We can heal with dedication, and when we remember that healing is not free or easy all of the time. We are meant for joy, and it can be placed into the most mundane of things. To keep your healing journey robust and ongoing so that you hit fewer slumps and meet struggles with more ease, it is imperative to have daily peace bringers in your life to help you maintain that therapeutic momentum.

How can you bring more joy to your daily routines?


How can you include routines that bring you joy into your daily routine?

  • What do you want your healing exploration to do for you?

Are you attempting to start something new in order to become something new?

This journey can lead you to try everything you run into, and eventually to the healing modalities and routines that work best for you. For those on this healing journey, I recommend finding something you can stick to, long-term so that you can experience benefit from your healing tools even when you are going through the tough spots in life. It is in these moments that our spiritual and wellness tools catch us and help us heal more gently and more quickly.

Are you seeking a healing path that will help you release a burden that has been holding you back? This journey can lead you to the deep soul work that makes it easier to look at the hidden features of your life that you may have been ignoring. This healing journey is an emotional yet necessary one for living in peace. For this healing journey, I recommend healings that come with a big bang such as Akashic Record Readings, Life Path Readings, Ceremonial Events, Shamanic Journey, and spiritual or wellness courses.

Are you on a healing path while you are seeking direction and guidance? Life can be confusing and debasing when we experience an awakening or spiritual shift, leaving us feeling like our daily routines just don't fit anymore. This is the journey of mindset change. Before we can find things that will help us feel more comfortable in our skin, we first have to recognize and take responsibility for the changes we want to see and feel. We will never find direction if we refuse to acknowledge that we want to draw a newness to us that may require us to take chances and risks to be happy. On this journey, you will find what points you to where you want to go and what doesn't. My advice for those on this journey is to not let others tell you what is best for you. Your body and higher self will always know the answer to that question if you get still and listen.

Regardless of where you look and what you are led to when finding your right healing path, always remember that the more tools you have in your toolbox, the easier it is to get back on the horse if you get off, and the easier it is to see results in real-time.

Needing direction! Join the club and call me! Bare Roots Energy has a huge variety of healing modalities that will clear, heal, and empower you along your healing journey.

Happy Healing and thanks for reading,


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