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The Importance of Ceremony

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Ceremony is the art of giving through celebration so that you may receive. It is the balance demonstrated in every ecosystem, sparing none-including our own sense of spirit and self. When we devote our time in sanctity to celebrating our existence, we give back to the energies that run through every particle of our bodies and our planet. Regardless of how ceremony is carried out, the result is consistently the same, a raising of our very vibration, and thus healing of the energy body.

If you take a look across history, you will find ceremony in every culture from the smallest prayer to the grandest displays of honor. It's a tradition that lives on in our gatherings, award shows, churches, households, and even our daily schedules. Ceremony brings people together to commune in not only a common interest, but also a common healing, and gives us a chance to see and analyze, with a deeper introspection, our six facets of relationships: relationship with the self, the Earth, others, our community, our contribution, and spirit.

Just as you give a moment of your time to recognize and appreciate your blessing, you receive back the physical and emotional healing that occurs once all four of the energy bodies are working together in a flawless manner as you walk about your day. Think of the last time you were at a wedding or attended a Sunday service. Did you feel it? Did you feel the mesh of your nerves subsiding and your hopes raising to the top? This sensation is the feeling of your frequencies balancing themselves out at a higher vibration, which puts your conscious mind and subconscious mind on the same page. Imagine if you engaged in ceremony on a regular basis!

Ceremony can be the smallest of things such as giving thanks in the morning before having our cup of coffee, however, many do not see the benefit in looking at their daily routines in such a way. Taking even a moment for ceremony can raise our frequency to a more enlightened and joyful state, just as meditation does. This occurs because of the impact our thoughts have on our bodies during ceremony. During these sacred times, we are grounded in the realism of our humanity, yet also in connection with the greater energies, we evolved from. This co-existence of the conscious and subconscious mind in real time settles our body into sacred timings and stillness. Acknowledging the sacredness of a single moment sends goosebumps down the arm and excitement into the belly as the spirit wakes up and begins interacting with the rest of you in a synchronized way.

The benefits of ceremony include but are definitely not limited to:

  • To celebrate!

  • To realize and call out your intentions and then begin the planning process for those intentions

  • To let go of something

  • To bring individuals together

  • As a right of passage

  • To acknowledge the dead

  • To acknowledge the completion of a cycle or a job/project

  • To enter into deep meditation

  • To heal as a group

  • To heal large systems such as a city or even larger

  • To remind ourselves of our origins

  • To build a connection with the Earth

  • To ignite your connection within your personal belief system

  • To solidify agreements or commitments

  • To give thanks

How do you ceremony?

If you have questions about ceremony services offered, or how ceremony can benefit you, your family, or your business, contact Bare Roots Energy at for more information.

Bare Roots Energy offers monthly ceremonies via the Sacred Rhythms Course, a course to build your connection inward and come into rhythm with the sacred timings of the Earth. Learn more at


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