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The Nature of the Energetic Block

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

-Deepak Chopra

Humans experience their world in terms of the energetic impact that we are just now beginning to pay attention to as the times change and the world awakens. As we discover just how hard we work as a society, and realize how hard it is to keep up with such a status quo, we as a human race are beginning to learn how important our energetic bodies are to us and to those with whom we surround ourselves by. We are finally waking up to the energy we hold and the consequences of that holding.

The electricity that runs through our cells and surrounds our bodies is a subtle energy. They are easily influenced by, influencing, and in constant flux with our environment. Just like a fan pushes the wind in a cycle, the vibrations that you emit push and pull at the vibrations of those around you, always co-existing in an ocean of energy. Your vibrations are impacted by the frequencies emitted by others, as well as your inner world, aka, the emotions you are focusing on at any given moment. All of this is important because it tells us how busy our energy bodies can actually get when simply processing our day-to-day experiences.

Remember, your energy work directly impacts your mental and emotional health, which in turn directly impacts your physical health.

Our energy bodies are typically overworked, making it unrealistic to process everything as it occurs. Because some things take more time to think about and reason out, our thoughts get piled up in the form of stress that sits within and alters our nervous system. These thoughts are what many refer to as our shadows. The things we pack deep inside and refuse to think about. When we hold onto things long-term, we see long-term consequences, like joint pain or anxiety. Eventually, shadow work will typically force its way forward after we are already at the point of breaking down, which means we have stored it, or held it. This is the nature of the energetic block- when we hold onto things rather than choosing to live hands-free.

The energetic block is simply a pile of energy that is built up in a specific spot of the body (energetic or physical). When an energy pile-up sits in place for too long, we begin to see physical results from it like a clog in a drain. Ideally, our energy should flow into us and out of us easily and gently, however, energetic blocks can hinder this natural process of the Hara Line. When releasing these blocks, if not cleared on a regular basis, we can initially experience symptoms of discomfort as our energy balances itself back out with our intentional energy work.

So what do we do to fix it? What do we do to get unblocked?

The first step is to acknowledge your energy body and the easy work you can engage in to keep it clean, clear, and healthy. The second step is knowing how to mitigate and balance out your own energy. This can be done in one of two ways: by bringing in an external energy source to raise your own vibration, or by raising your own vibration internally.

To bring an external source of energy into the body for healing is a great way to observe instant relief of energetic blockages, and can be done by receiving energy healings or performing them on yourself. Reiki is a great way to receive this type of healing, healings through the CCT(TM) system, or any other energetic modality that you prefer. Energetic healing will balance out your energy fields and redistribute your energy to suit your highest good. This method is sometimes the easiest, as you can simply receive treatment from a practitioner and reap the calming benefits of your session.

Raising your own vibration internally is the best long-term solution, and is completed by daily meditation and/or daily sacred ceremony. Daily meditation, when done in a way that allows you to dive deep into silence, can help you clear and clean out your nervous system in a process of randomized release that is much like sweeping the years of stress away gently, and one layer at a time. Daily ceremonies can also allow you to release your stresses on a regular basis by keeping you connected with your intuition and purpose.

Raising your vibration internally is an ongoing practice that ideally should occur like your laundry cycle. It is something that ideally accompanies energy work, and is always tailored to our personal needs and preferences. Some ceremony daily with a journal activity, others so so through yoga or regular prayer. Regardless of how you connect with your own cycles and the cycles of the Earth, doing so can keep you in a regular practice of catch and release practice, taking the extra stress out of your nervous system and helping you to avoid energetic blocks.

Thank you for reading and as always for more information on how to incorporate energy work and meditation into your life, contact me at

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