Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™️

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Transformation at its finest

Transformation comes in its finest form when you use the tools of the universe! What goal do you need to achieve? Do you need to quit smoking? Does your child need to master a school skill? Are you having trouble starting something new, or letting something go? The Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT) may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™️

The Crystalline Consciousness Technique or CCT™️ is a New Earth technology that works above and in unison with the Electromagnetic fields that surround all Earthly particles. When you put your well-thought-out intention into this universal grid, it shines that vision and idea out to the universe like a spotlight, as the crystalline grid reflects back to the universe all that you are and all that you intend. The effects are much like anything else in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it -and the more time and effort you have put into your intention, the more effectively the healing treatment works. 

This treatment is beneficial when one is in need of large changes, such as smoking cessation, learning something new and difficult, letting go of traumatic experiences, or when one is in need of guidance towards a healthy relationship. A CCT™️ can be applied to a new group project at the firm that holds a lot of weight for your team, or even something like the anticipation one may have after turning in a college application. 

Whereas once we only had the Electromagnetic Field surrounding us as a layer of protection, we have now also been given a relatively new system of healing and protection with the Crystalline Consciousness Technique. Healing through the CCT™️ gleans its effectiveness from its ability to create a healing chamber with Sacred Geometry that protects the healing session and your intention from incoming EM frequencies. These EMFs in your environment come from lingering energy in spaces that you travel in, and others that you encounter. These frequencies can bombard your own EMF's leaving you to feel drained, hopeless, irritated, lost, irrational, triggered, inattentive, and unfocused. The Crystalline Consciousness Technique™️ bypasses that old system to provide true transformation. 


When you set an intention in a protected chamber, it is easier to attract the circumstances that are required for you to realize your intention. Essentially, a healing treatment at this caliber is like cleaning the pipes, and then treating them so that they can no longer collect the muck that blocks the energy flow between you and the universe.

Working with the universal grid system rather than just the electromagnetic field requires attention to detail when creating your intention. What do you want? What do you need to create that reality? What needs to change? Let the CCT™️ guide you to where you need to go and help you get there with calm and ease. Reiki treatments are available within this grid in the service menu, providing a deeper and longer lasting healing than traditional Reiki in most experiences. 

As a practitioner of the CCT™️ and someone who has been treated with it, I have never seen this system fail at its goals. Please note that all energy work modalities work for the good of not only you specifically as the client but also the universe as a whole. Results are determined by the intent, the needs of the client, and the realities of the client. 

Healing treatments are provided in person, here in Lawrence, Kansas by appointment, online via Zoom, or over the phone. 

Animal Treatments

The CCT™️ field can help animals transition through the ups and downs of domestication with ease. This healing treatment can be very useful in the veterinary field when dealing with unruly animals, as well as animals in the home. Animals who cary abuse trauma or generalized anxiety can greatly benefit from this type of treatment as it connects them to the human intention of love, helping them understand how we are here to help them, and helping us to understand how we can help them. The CCT™️ treatment is completed in person at the anima's location or in office, depending on what the animal needs. 

Healing treatments within the CCT™️ system is available to any and all via healing treatment here in Kansas through Bare Roots Energy or education through the Crystalline Consciousness website:

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