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Is Your Root Chakra Open or Closed?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Your Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, and is a center of Will and Being. This is the center that fully develops during our first years of life.

When your root chakra is open your will to live and thrive is vibrant and logical within your surrounding. You do what you can with what you are given and feel a sense of completeness with it. You live with confidence and enough energy to get you through until bedtime. Having an open and clean Root Chakra gives you a strong sense of being and a healthy attachment to your incarnation, or to the cards you've been dealt.

A closed Root Chakra is a blockage in your life force. Fatigue is present in your life often, and you do not have the stamina to complete much at a time. Full time work is difficult to accomplish without draining your stores, and it could make you grumpy. With a closed Root, you could become ill easily and often, have troubles with balance and vertigo, and feel weak on the feet.

To repair a blocked Root Chakra, spend time outdoors on a regular basis. Learn to take in and appreciate each season, each temperature, and time in the grass. Through visualization or intention setting, draw the Earth's energy up through your limbs to feed the base of your spine a beautiful, glowing red light. Connecting with troubles or disruptions you experienced in utero or infancy will help to move this blockage out. Feeding this chakra glowing red light, and doing that which makes you feel validated, loved and useful will keep it unblocked.

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Bare Roots Energy 11/15/21

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