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The Crown

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney

The Crown Chakra sits atop of the head receiving all of the life force from the greater Universe that you need in order to sustain energy and energetic flow. It is through this center that we get our spark which sends electricity flowing through our heart and brain, thus giving us actual life. The Crown Center is always in the receiving state and of all of the chakras is the one that can best survive in health regardless of what is happening in our waking world. This center is your connection to your spirituality, notated by the sensation you feel when you pray, make your connection to God, meditate, when you feel uplifted or inspired, and when you feel elated while acting out your life purpose.

The Crown Chakra is in optimal health when you have an understanding of your connection to something bigger than yourself. Once you understand and accept that you are a part of whole, regardless of your religious affiliations, you have connected to Source, and are functioning with a clear Crown. A healthy center at this point is notated by your drive to seek further connection with your world and your own spirituality and growth, and when you feel a sense of purpose that links you with your belief systems in a way that is functional for the betterment of all.

The Crown can close up when we deny our place in the Universe by denying ourselves a connection with a belief system that would push us forward in expansion and proliferation. Once we cease to seek answers to life's greatest questions we have lost touch with the Great Mystery of Life and therefore have weakened our receiving energy center. Once this happens we feel depleted of energy because although we are still getting enough energy to physically survive, we are not getting enough of it to FEEL ALIVE. In this state we have no excitement for life, for what comes next, for getting up in the morning, or for trying to be a little bit better than we were the day before. In this sense we could refer to the Crown as the center of inspiration.

To open the crown, find your purpose, your God and yourself. This may take a lot of soul searching and shadow work, but such work fills your life with joy, appreciation, and all of those high vibrational energies that turn you into a producer of dreams.

Visualize an array of pastel light seeping into the top of your head. Feed this center with inner contemplation and individualized spiritual work. Worship in a way that brings you the chills, and chase the belief systems that bring you fulfillment and understanding of the world around you.

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