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Saturn, Ruler of Time and Structure: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series

Updated: Feb 3

Saturn: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Join me for a year of planetary study with The Planetary Aids, Planets Series! This blog will be dedicated to getting to know each of our influencing planets through both Science and Tradition. Join me here to learn about a different planet for the next six months!

At every position in the sky, there are influential energies flowing in from each planet. This article will explore the influences felt by each planet, including Pluto. Stay aware that depending on which constellation the planets are passing through, their influences will be impacted by the governing traits of that zodiac archetype.

This month we will be exploring the traits and influences of Saturn.

Saturn's Influencing Patterns | Bare Roots Energy©
Saturn's Influencing Patterns | Bare Roots Energy©

Saturn is the lord of time and structure, guiding our senses to plan, organize, and work through our tasks in logical order and timing. In many cultures worldwide, we operate according to linear structures, however, life occurs and experiences are felt in a cyclical manner. This is where Saturn jumps in to save the day, by providing us the organic structures of the cycles to aid in our growth. Saturn can impact us by strengthening our ability and tendencies to stay on schedule and stay organized, or it can impact us by throwing us off our schedule with chance circumstances and unexpected events. Either way, the path to guide you through is knowing about its structural impact and how to come into alignment with the planet's influences so that its impact on you is a beneficial one.

Saturn orbits the sun completely over a 29.5-year cycle. Its impact on the planet and us is a slow one that is typically felt all the time, which is why it is difficult to see and feel that it is impacting us at all. Seen for the first time through a telescope in 1610, Saturn is visible to the naked eye, especially when it dances close to the moon. Saturn's Greek mirror is Cronus, the God of Time, who is attributed to raising the Olympians. Satrun himself is the Greek God of Agriculture, ruling over the season changes and cycles of time of the known universe.

Saturn influences our world in terms of discipline, authority, time, structure, boundaries, and limitations. Because Saturn's influences reach us for years at a time, we can feel its impact when we encounter a new structure that requires us to change how we do things. This may look like getting a new job or a new boss at a job you were comfortable and secure with. Saturn can help to bring about circumstances that teach us how to hold the right schedule and structures for our highest well-being, and it can also provide us support in deciding what creates comfort and happiness for us.

Saturn is a constant in our lives due to its large and slow orbit. When Saturn is in retrograde, its influence can flip on us, giving off the opposite energies that it does when it is traveling directly. This occurs when the giant planet is reaching us from the other side of Earth. When passing through your birth sign constellation, if it provides you stability and structure, focus on that stability and the pieces of it that would benefit you to carry on outside of Satrun's influence. What pieces of your Saturn experience can you apply to your everyday? If Satrun's influence on you is a turbulent one, hold fast to the routine and structure that you already have in your life, and stay self-disciplined to keep yourself on track when Saturn is either moving through your birth constellation or in retrograde.

As this beautiful planet passes overhead and then through your birth house (your Zodiac sign), consider the following questions to get the most out of his energies:

  1. What pieces of your Saturn experience can you apply to your everyday?

  2. What structures and routines do you need to hold fast to when Saturn is retrograding or passing through your constellation?

  3. When getting quiet and spending meditative time with Saturn, what does the ringed planet have to tell you?


Short Synopsis of each Planet:

Pluto rules Scorpio and is the planet of alchemy, transformation, life & death, healing, obsession, rebirth, evolution, extremes, opposites, balance, and spirituality.

Neptune, ruling over Pisces, influences dreamland, impacting addiction and mistaken impressions. Neptune sharpens connection and intuition.

Uranus rules Aquarius and is the planet of rebellion, individuality, revolution, community, & humanitarianism. Influencer of the sciences, Uranus incites eccentric behavior, sudden change, and tension. Uranus brings divination & news.

Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition. Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius & influences Pisces, travel, religion, health, and justice. It is the planet of growth, abundance, optimism, opportunity, expanding consciousness, wealth, & luck. Jupiter reveals the fastest path to your destiny.

Mars rules Aries and influences Scorpio, Encouraging Aggression & motivation and guiding hormones and willpower through masculine expression.

Venus rules Taurus & Libra, guiding values, friendships, and sociability. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, romance, beauty, art, & feminine expression, and navigates your current incarnation.

Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, causing heightened senses, sensory needs, skill, and agility. Mercury Influences Intellect, Cognition & expression, revealing how you perceive the world.

The moon rules cancer, imagination, the subconscious, emotion, & instinct. The moon strengthens intuition, guides cycles, and is the Celestial Being of Mother and Children.

Saturn's impact on each house | Bare Roots Energy
Saturn's impact on each house | Bare Roots Energy


This chart describes how Saturn impacts each house and how to align with that impact. If you'd like a Life Path Reading to explore how all of the planets impact and map out your life and livelihood, click here!






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