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Neptune: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Neptune: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Join me for a year of planetary study with The Planetary Aids, Planets Series! This blog will be dedicated to getting to know each of our influencing planets through both Science and Tradition. Join me here to learn about a different planet for the next six months!

At every position in the sky, there are influential energies flowing in from each planet. This article will explore the influences felt by each planet, including Pluto. Stay aware that depending on which constellation the planets are passing through, their influences will be impacted by the governing traits of that zodiac archetype.

This month we will be exploring the traits and influences of Neptune.

Neptune's influencing patterns in astrology
Neptune's Influencing Patterns

Neptune is the Roman God of the Sea and all waters. He controls the weather and the winds as well, holding sway over our ebb and flow of emotional response and introspection. As a planet, Neptune takes 165 Earth years to orbit the Sun, with a day that lasts 16 hours and 14 Moons to boot. Neptune was a compassionate father to his 14 children, nurturing their inner growth and working alongside them. As God of the Water Door, Neptune brings comfort and balance, washing away our debris and wounds, eroding what is holding up the structures which hinder us, and smoothing out our rough edges over time.

When Neptune and his siblings were born, they were all eaten by their father, Saturn, who had the wind of a prophecy that told him he would meet his demise at the hand of one of his children. However, all of them survived when Saturn's wife, Opis, fed him a rock swaddled in a baby's blanket. Jupiter threw all of his children up and usurped him, splitting the kingdoms amongst themselves. This horrific yet triumphant experience feeds the nurturing side of Neptune.

The planet itself is a ball of atmosphere and liquids. It holds little to no physical land, reflecting like a mirror, Neptune's own place amongst his political colleagues. As the God of the Seas, he had no formal place in the state house; he held true to his wardance over the waterways and played a role closer to his human counterparts than his Godly colleagues. When Neptune is in celestial play, our intuition is strengthened, and our compassionate sides are expressed more easily. Times of Neptune's passing bring us spiritual insight, stronger dreams, and inspiration. As this beautiful planet passes overhead and then through your birth house (your Zodiac sign), consider the following questions to get the most out of his energies:

  1. Inventory your own inspiration and Spiritual Growth. Is it in good health? Is it moving you along to finding a right path, or is it stagnant in the pond? If it is stagnant, what is in the way?

  2. Inventory your acts of compassion. How do you express compassion towards yourself and others?

  3. Where can you insert more compassion into your life?

  4. What do you need to refine, cleanse, and beautify in your life?

  5. What are some areas of your life that you refuse to conform to? What are some areas that you could conform to more in order to make things go more smoothly while still holding onto your sovereignty?


Short Synopsis of each Planet:

Pluto rules Scorpio and is the planet of alchemy, transformation, life & death, healing, obsession, rebirth, evolution, extremes, opposites, balance, and spirituality.

Neptune, ruling over Pisces, influences dreamland, impacting addiction and mistaken impressions. Neptune sharpens connection & Intuition.

Uranus rules Aquarius and is the planet of rebellion, individuality, revolution, community, & humanitarianism. Influencer of the sciences, Uranus incites eccentric behavior, sudden change, and tension. Uranus brings divination & news.

Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition. Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius & influences Pisces, travel, religion, health, & Justice. It is the planet of growth, abundance, optimism, opportunity, expanding consciousness, wealth, & luck. Jupiter reveals the fastest path to your destiny.

Mars rules Aries & Influences Scorpio, Encouraging Aggression & motivation and guiding hormones & Willpower through masculine expression.

Venus rules Taurus & Libra, guiding values, friendships, and sociability. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, romance, beauty, art, & feminine expression, and navigates your current incarnation.

Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, causing heightened senses, sensory needs, skill, and agility. Mercury Influences Intellect, Cognition & expression, revealing how you perceive the world.

The moon rules cancer, imagination, the subconscious, emotion, & instinct. The moon strengthens intuition, guides cycles, and is the Celestial Being of Mother & Children.


Neptune, astrology, planets, influence, astrological readings
Neptune's influence over the houses

This chart describes for you how Neptue impacts your specific sign. Neptune will exert this influence on us as it passes through each of the constellations; however, its impact will typically be more felt in a grounding and securing way when in the sign of your birth house. When Neptune is passing through your Jupiter placement, you will be blessed with insight into your goals and life purposes. If you do not know your Jupiter sign, no worries! Order your birth chart here!




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