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Jupiter, Governor and Goddess of Abundance & Expansion: The Planetary Aids Series

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Jupiter: The Planetary Aids Series

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Join me for a year of planetary study with The Planetary Aids Series! This blog will be dedicated to getting to know each of our influencing planets through both Science and Tradition. At every position in the sky, there are influential energies flowing in from each planet. Stay aware that depending on which constellation the planets are passing through, their influences will be impacted by the governing traits of that zodiac archetype.

This month we will be exploring the traits and influences of Jupiter.

Jupiter's Influencing Patterns | Bare Roots Energy©
Jupiter's Influencing Patterns | Bare Roots Energy©

Jupiter was discovered by Galileo in 1610. It is 4.5 billion years old and knows more about God's secrets than any of us ever will. Jupiter formed by sucking up most of the debris from the Sun when the galaxy was formed, which is ironic since it was the Roman God who planned the assassination of his father as revenge for swallowing his siblings. Apples really don't fall far from the tree. Because of its refusal to share a chunk of the celestial energies of creation with its brother and sister planets, Jupiter became and remains the largest planet with one of the largest ethereal impacts on our energetic lives.

Jupiter offers us a shortcut from our previous tasks, lessons, and functions, to our rising life, which is the sweet spot of adulthood after we've gotten all of our trash together and out of the way! Jupiter has a direct influence over Scorpio, regardless of where our Scorpio is in our chart, as well as Pisces. Jupiter focuses its energies towards our human travels, both physical and astral, and assembles the pieces of optimism, abundance, expansion, and growth for us. When Jupiter is influencing our Sun sign, we get a boost in confidence each time we take a step in the right direction.

Named for the Roman god, King of gods, Jupiter was the head figure in the Pantheon. His Greek counterpart is Zeus, both ruling over the realm of the gods as ever-watchful leaders of the pack, deligating the influence of the lesser Gods onto the will of those here on Earth. Jupiter was worshipped as the sky god, the god of light and Spirit, and the force responsible for the rising and setting sun. For this reason, it was worshiped to bless the bountiful harvest.

Jupiter has been worshiped for almost everything responsible for our existence here on Earth. It has been called the protector of the Romans, Fulgr, and the defender of truth, Fidius. As the god of rain, Pluvius, Jupiter was granted the power over the heavens, the sky, thunder, and really just all of our weather patterns, influencing all of the mental energies of the air realm. This is why we question our faith in all of creation when Jupiter brings a storm into our lives.

The physical planet Jupiter that we all know so well, shining as one of the brightest "stars" in our night sky, has no hard surface, a trait responsible for the wishy-washy feeling you get when its impact is in play. Jupiter does have many rings, faint, but plentiful, asking us to take opportunities granted to use during its cycles of influence, as it directs our travels forward. Jupiter's rings, enforcing the cycles of life, bring us growth. When we are feeling the blessings of Jupiter run through our zodiacal alignments, we are supported in focusing on our long goal to push through the muck and the hard times, towards our paths of expansion.

As this beautiful planet passes overhead and through your birth houses consider the following questions to get the most out of these energies:

  1. What are you working on right now? Is there anything standing in your way?

  2. What is your fastest path forward?

  3. What do you need to work on letting go of in order to take that fastest path?


Short Synopsis of each Planet:

Pluto rules Scorpio and is the planet of alchemy, transformation, life & death, healing, obsession, rebirth, evolution, extremes, opposites, balance, and spirituality.

Neptune, ruling over Pisces, influences dreamland, impacting addiction and mistaken impressions. Neptune sharpens connection and intuition.

Uranus rules Aquarius and is the planet of rebellion, individuality, revolution, community, & humanitarianism. Influencer of the sciences, Uranus incites eccentric behavior, sudden change, and tension. Uranus brings divination & news.

Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition. Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius & influences Pisces, travel, religion, health, and justice. It is the planet of growth, abundance, optimism, opportunity, expanding consciousness, wealth, & luck. Jupiter reveals the fastest path to your destiny.

Mars rules Aries and influences Scorpio, Encouraging Aggression & motivation and guiding hormones and willpower through masculine expression.

Venus rules Taurus & Libra, guiding values, friendships, and sociability. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, romance, beauty, art, & feminine expression, and navigates your current incarnation.

Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, causing heightened senses, sensory needs, skill, and agility. Mercury Influences Intellect, Cognition & expression, revealing how you perceive the world.

The moon rules cancer, imagination, the subconscious, emotion, & instinct. The moon strengthens intuition, guides cycles, and is the Celestial Being of Mother and Children.

Saturn's impact on each house | Bare Roots Energy
Jupiter's impact on each house | Bare Roots Energy

This chart describes how Jupiter impacts each house and how to align with that impact. If you'd like a Life Path Reading to explore how all of the planets impact and map out your life and livelihood, click here!






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