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Pulling in Divine Energy (sample)

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Written by Jim A. Zablow & Jamelle Zablow-Moloney

Universal Spirit,

Ignite your energy in everyone.

Cultivate and stabilize your energy in us all.

I consciously and intentionally ask to connect with the divine inside and outside of me.

For Spirit is always near at hand.

As all of the branches of your life,

All religions,

All ideals

Come back to Source,

So does your root system,

For it is your origin.

See your roots running deep into the Earth.

Like strings of glowing light,

Weaving in and out of branches,



Reaching through the damp soil and air pockets of the planet’s core.

Experience the sacred and divine flow back up through your roots,

As the Earth’s energy runs back up through you.

Experience the sacred and divine in your everyday life.

Look for it.

Create it.

Decide what it can and will be.

Breathe in the beauty around you.

Thank you Source for your insight.

Thank you Source for your light.

Thank you Source for this life.

And so it is.


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