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The Transmutation Capsule; Free Version

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

25 December 2021

During this meditation, we will set up a perimeter of energy that transmutates incoming frequencies into neutral and balanced energy so it can no longer do harm to beings or spaces.

Transmutation is a process of one frequency changing the way another frequency vibrates, and therefore changing the frequency’s impact upon its environment. It is the most minute change in our physical world, one that occurs on a scale smaller than a particle. However, such a change can make ever-lasting ripples up on this existence and the universe as a whole.

Let’s begin.

Close your eyes,

And see yourself standing in a soft white space.

There is an absence of color,

Because there is no incoming energy.

There is nothing to vibrate,

So nothing to create color or sound.

This space is neutral.

This is your room.

Your capsule.

You look down at your hands,

Your naked legs,

Your standing feet,

You see a glow surrounding you,

An outline around your body.

As you notice your body,

You notice that your capsule has a translucent, multi colored sheen.

It ebbs in and out softly,

As you breathe.

Pulsing in synchronistically with every breath,

And out with every exhale.

An active capsule surrounding your body.

This is your room.

You are the one to program it.

You are the one to fill it.

What you fill it with,

Is always your choice.

This room is yours.

You take it with you wherever you go.

Your room encapsulates you.

Visualize it now,

as you sit in the center of its protection and healing.

At home.

At work.

At the store.

In the car.

At the park.

As you walk.

While you eat.

While you sleep.

Your room is your energy.

It is created for you,

By you,

Of you.

Pulsing in with every breath you take,

Pulsing out as you exhale completely.

Stay in your room until you are ready to ascend back into the here and now.

Wake up slowly,

Be gentle with your mind and body.

Give gratitude for these past moments.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

And so it is.

Jamelle ZM

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