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Pluto: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series

Pluto: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Join me for a year of planetary study with my new blog series: The Planetary Aids, Planets Series! This blog will be dedicated to getting to know each of our influencing planets through both Science and Tradition. Join me here to learn about a different planet for the next 6 months!

At every position in the sky, there are influential energies flowing in from each planet. This article will explore the influences felt by each planet, including Pluto. Stay aware that depending on which constellation the planets are passing through, their influences will be impacted by the governing traits of that zodiac archetype.

This month we will be exploring the traits and influences of Pluto

Pluto was declassified as a planet on August 24th, 2006, but it is still close enough to Earth to impact our subtle energy bodies. Pluto sits in the Kuiper Belt and is about a fifth of the Earth's size. It takes Pluto 248 Earth years to orbit the sun once, orbiting in a deep elliptical shape, traveling very far away from the sun for most of its travels.

Ancient Greece tells us that Pluto plays a part of a dual role as the god of the underworld. Pluto is the positive personification of the god of the underworld, providing an abundance of crops and minerals as he rules the Earth and dirt space that nourishes both. Hades is, then, the negative personification of the ruler of the underworld, providing the world with the energies of consequence, vengeance, and justice.

This strength of transition that comes from the cycling of life and death feeds Pluto with the energies it imposes on our galactic imprints. Pluto influences the house of Scorpio the most but influences us all by infusing us with the curiosity of alchemy and evolution. Pluto influences our lives through opportunities for transformation, healing, and balancing by feeding our Spiritual bodies with insights that will steer us in these particular directions.

To celebrate Pluto, when this planet is moving through your birth sign in the night sky, take stock of what opportunities for transformation sit in front of you.

  1. What do you need to let go of or burn off?

  2. What are already moving out of? What changes will that cause? What opportunities will it bring?

  3. What parts of your life need balancing? Journal with Pluto to find out how you can make this happen.

Short Synopsis of each Planet:

Pluto rules Scorpio and is the planet of alchemy, transformation, life & death, healing, obsession, rebirth, evolution, extremes, opposites, balance, and spirituality.

Neptune, ruling over Pisces, influences dreamland, impacting addiction and mistaken impressions. Neptune sharpens connection & Intuition.

Uranus rules Aquarius and is the planet of rebellion, individuality, revolution, community, & humanitarianism. Influencer of the sciences, Uranus incites eccentric behavior, sudden change, and tension. Uranus brings divination & news.

Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition. Saturn rules Capricorn and influences Aquarius. It is the planet of authority, time, structure, limits, & discipline. Saturn guides ambition.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius & influences Pisces, travel, religion, health, & Justice. It is the planet of growth, abundance, optimism, opportunity, expanding consciousness, wealth, & luck. Jupiter reveals the fastest path to your destiny.

Mars rules Aries & Influences Scorpio, Encouraging Aggression & motivation and guiding hormones & Willpower through masculine expression.

Venus rules Taurus & Libra, guiding values, friendships, and sociability. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, romance, beauty, art, & feminine expression, and navigates your current incarnation.

Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, causing heightened senses, sensory needs, skill, and agility. Mercury Influences Intellect, Cognition & expression, revealing how you perceive the world.

The moon rules cancer, imagination, the subconscious, emotion, & instinct. The moon strengthens intuition, guides cycles, and is the Celestial Being of Mother & Children


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