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The Art of Eclipsing the Old Self and Transcending into Something New

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Transcending, for many, seems to be an impossible feat without consistent and constant dedication to a complete lifestyle change. However, this perception couldn't be further from the truth. Transcending to a higher state of consciousness is something that can be practiced and experienced as many times as one prefers, and achieved through ceremonial celebration, energy healing treatments, meditation practices, and even the simple art of dancing, just to name a few.

When we participate in these practices, we essentially dive into our nervous system and begin shoveling out the debris of stress and trauma stored there, making room for a newer more holistic version of our healed self.

Transcendence is not an esoteric experience reserved for those who dedicate their lives to a holistic trade, but rather something that you can experience in the comfort of your own home through daily practices of meditation and energy work. When we enter into the silence that both of these paths offer us, we surrender to the noise that keeps us busy and un-noticing of the impact our energy bodies absorb from our day-to-day activity. This surrender is the act of transcending.

By engaging in these activities and diving deep enough into ourselves to experience the silent release of physicality, we begin communicating with our paraconscious mind. Our vibration stretches out in a calm awareness through the theta and delta waves that reach beyond our Earthly atmosphere, putting us directly in contact with the universe at large.

Transcending through Meditation

Meditation brings about the experience of transcending by taking our conscious mind within to meet our subconscious mind. From this inner place, the two pieces of awareness begin to work together to release stressors from our neural net and dive into silence. As we sit either in silent meditation or active meditation, our body enters its relaxed, self-healing state, leaving us with generalized contentions towards daily life and a deeper connection with our inner source of life. This can occur during any type of meditation including forest bathing. Transcendence work is quickest through the route of meditation, as it is a practice that can be done with little instruction and on your own time.

Transcending through Energy Work

In turn, Reiki and other modalities of energy work can also bring about the experience of transcendence by guiding the body into a meditative state through energetic re-balancing. As you receive treatment, your energy bodies begin to even out as congregated energy is redistributed to where it belongs in and around your body. During this process, the mind typically enters into a super-relaxed state of higher consciousness where you begin to communicate with your Paraconscious and Causaul Auras for a greater capacity to see and create. Self-treatment of Reiki is an excellent and affordable way to make this modality of healing and transcending more readily available to you.

Transcending through Ceremony

Participating in Ceremony can bring about the experience of transcendence as well by opening up the pathway of communication between the conscious and subconscious minds. This occurs during active dancing as well. Just as dancing activates the major energy centers of the body to bring about a sense of transcended awareness, Ceremony awakens the mind in a similar way by bridging the gateway between the four energy bodies; the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that encompass our receiving neuro net. Practices of Ceremony bring about deep personal healing, but can also be done collectively as a group, amplifying the physical sensation for us during the event.

Transcendence is a human rite to existence, awareness, and growth. Many typical Western traditions support this practice such as going to church and practicing mindfulness. If you are finding yourself in life without such an outlet, perhaps it is time to seek the opportunities open to you, in order to explore how the art of transcending can change your life forever.

Happy Healing!

Bare Roots Energy


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