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The Implications of The Female and Male Biological Cycles

By Jamelle Zablow-Moloney

June 20, 2022

Copyright by Bare Roots Energy

Some equate the woman's body to a changing chameleon all month long, and they aren't incorrect. A woman goes through four phases of her menses each month, creating new needs and a new character throughout each phase. Likewise, some equate the man's body to a train, steady, strong, and running consistently day in and day out without fail. Rest assured that masculine biology will keep the world running in the face of a blackout! The cycles of men and women are set by the hormones that run through their systems, and each system is different in what it needs, how it expresses, and how it interacts with the elements of the planet. There are two major ways men and women differ in their biology: in their ability to truly thrive and in their biological cycles, and these two structures have enormous implications on how both genders equally access the current infrastructure in place today.

The Thrive

Men thrive on the neurochemical dopamine, Women, however, thrive on the neurochemical oxytocin. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for making us feel accomplished after receiving short-term stimuli, such as crossing off things off of a to-do list, winning a game, or completing a day's work for a day of pay. This is why most men thrive in high-stakes situations and feel a sense of belonging when involved in competition due to the dopamine that is produced as a result of these experiences. It is easy to see, with this chemical in mind, why many say that we live in a "Man's World." With constant stimuli around us, the entire human race is now receiving an overload of dopamine on a daily basis, providing men with the chemical they need to be all that they can be.

Oxytocin, which is squandered by an overproduction of dopamine, is the chemical that women thrive on. Oxytocin has been dubbed the 'love chemical' and is used synthetically in the street drug Ecstasy. It is responsible for the emotions that are associated and created out of making true connections with others, such as the bonds between mother and child or best friends. It is also responsible for a woman's ability to empathize with long-term consequences for both individuals and society at large, making women biologically wired to mother this Earth and all of its inhabitants. With this chemical in mind, it is hard to find consistent opportunities for women to thrive, gain access to the needed amounts of oxytocin, and stay in sync with their biological cycles at the same time. A woman's body is constantly working to stay in sync with its cyclical nature, so when a woman encounters a workforce that is linear in structure through the masculine mind and intention, she oftentimes feels overwhelmed and underachieving.

The Cycle

Men are the Sun. The all-encompassing power source that burns brightly each day without fail. It is a reliable system that has worked to protect the coveted woman for centuries and built the entire infrastructure that we work in today. Because the male body paces its transitions on the Adrenal Hormones, it runs in a 24-hour cycle. The Adrenal Hormones are comprised of both dopamine, a sleep-regulating hormone that regulates the response to rewards, and Cortisol, the stress hormone. These two hormones reset in our bodies each day, allowing the male physiology to synchronize with the sun's cycle and thrive off of its much-needed dopamine production on a steady and regular basis. Because we live in a society, here in America, that requires us to get up every day and live by the same daily routine, it is easy for a man to thrive on this 24-hour cycle that is tailored to his biological needs.

Women are the moon. Although they have the same hormones in their adrenal system as men do, the timings of their bodies are not dictated by them. Rather, a woman's body changes in a cyclical, four-phase fashion, just as the moon's major phases do. Their bodies are ruled by Estrogen and Progesterone, the two hormones of the ovaries that run in a pattern of highs and lows throughout a month's time. Each phase within the monthly menses cycle can be different for every girl or woman, and each phase ideally lines up with an appropriate moon phase to activate the individual's potential. In a world with a consistent 9-5 daily schedule, it can be hard for any being, regardless of gender identification, who needs weekly flexibility, to thrive.

So what can we do? The first thing to accomplish, as women, is to sync our cycles with the moon in order to harness the inevitabilities of right timing. By doing this, women can tap into their emotional cycles to enhance their productivity, access their motivation, and provide themselves with the rest their bodies need at the right times of the month. The second thing to do is to adapt the workplace to make it more accessible to the productivity of the woman's cycle. By placing the right amount of change on the infrastructure in a flexible manner, women can thrive just as men do and contribute in ways that have not often been seen in history.

Thank you for reading the Bare Roots Energy Blog. To find out more about the four phases of the female cycle and how it lines up with the phases of the moon, read The Timings of the Female Moon Body. By joining the Sacred Rhythms Course provided by Bare Roots Energy, you can dive deep into your biological cycle. learn how to synch it with the moon, and how to empower your life through this synchrony. You can also find out more about the research behind the biology of the male and female cycles through Kayla Osterhoff, a leading Neuropsychophysiologist in her field. We all have her to thank for placing the science behind the ancient knowledge of the female and male cycle, and now all have the opportunity to begin to replace our structures that no longer serve us with ones that help us all thrive as a unified society.

As always happy healing!


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