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The Divine Masculine

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

by Jamelle Zablow-Moloney

We all have aspects of both the divine feminine and divine masculine within us, whether it be suppressed or in the forefront of our personality. The divine feminine in us sways with the wind and follows the currents of timing as a receptive and birthing vessel for the planet. The divine masculine in us rises like the mountains to stand tall in the face of creation and guide life in patience.

The subject of gender is widely sensitive, with an entire generation redefining the terms that once solidly and socially defined man and woman. Modern ideals struggle to refute the gender roles of previous generations that were built around established expectations. When asked what my idea of divine masculine energy was today, I was given a chance to personally reflect on my experience with boys, men, and the masculine gender at large, a practice we should all do from time to time. Are we seeing our opposite, biological gender in bitterness or openness?

When I think of the Divine Masculine, I think of energies like Gandhi, Jesus, Zeus, Grandfather Sun, Medicine Men, Old Tribal Leaders, and my Father; men who made it their business to connect to the Earth and the energies of the collective Universe. Such energy defines roles like service to others, protecting knowledge, and serving as the first response to ideas in action.

The Divine Masculine, when in synch with this planet and himself...

refuses to waste its potential,

is strong in community morals,

is not linked to gender roles, but rather to the betterment of all mankind equally,

refuses to ignore opportunities to further the self beyond the conscious plane,

uses its influence and status to help and protect those in need,

does the right thing regardless of the cost,

and knows how to lead with unconditional love.

Men currently have an uphill struggle in many ways that women use to struggle with, as the world redefines what equality is and should have always been. Men, in a growing number of settings, have to prove themselves, again and again, learn compassion in the workplace for the first time, and become familiar with showing and accepting their weaknesses in a world that is demanding a softening of the hardened soul. For some, this redefinition can be debasing, although necessary.

These are all positive changes, and changes that women too are being called to make now as well. Currently, I see camps of men gathering to find their inner strength together and fight their demons to make room for love and acceptance, which is exactly what we all need in 2021! Below, you will find some historical male figures that harnessed the strength of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, together and in balance. They did not focus on or live through gender roles but lived through the sight of what their communities and humanity were in need of.

Ganesh: the lord of good fortune and success, remover of obstacles, the pride of man, the teacher of truth, survival, and humility

Buddha: the one who is awake, teacher of clarity, patience, and an understanding of the incarnation.

Osiris: the god of fertility and natural abundance on the Earth, a conservationist, keeper of the balance between man and Earth.

Krishna: balancer of the relationship between men and women, emotion and mind, incarnation and Source, the god of protection and love

Shiva: the destroyer and creator of the universe, the bone collector, the one who protects us by teaching the cycles of life, the one who cleans us after we learn

Jesus: the carrier of the word, the revolutionary of truth, teacher of the energetic existence.

Your Task: *Trigger Warning*

Who are the divine masculine figures in your life?

What idealities do you hold onto that makes it hard to appreciate the male gender and your own masculine traits?

What do you need to let go of in order to balance out your yin feminine and masculine energies with your yang feminine and masculine energies?

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J. Zablow-Moloney


Updates 9.29.2021, 6.7.2022

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