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The Alchemical Trails

The Steps of Ancient Alchemy Described

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Is ancient alchemy still relevant? You bet your tiny hiney it is!

Alchemy, the process of changing form, has been relevant since the beginning of time and is a force that will persist long after humans are extinct, simply because it is equivalent to the Earth's natural cycles of death and rebirth. Alchemy did not originate in any terms in association with witchcraft but rather became a systematic way to describe the phenomena of spiritual growth during the first century. It never had a religious-specific existence, but rather lent itself to multiple religions and scientific practices as a framework of growth and realization. When analyzed in a systematic way and applied to the cycles we currently live through, one finds that the steps of alchemy can provide insight into a calmer outlook, as expectations shift and heal.

Here you will find a brief description of the Alchemical process in all of its 12 steps, giving you a tool to see how they line up with your own natural rhythms and cycles. There are several renditions of the alchemical process, and some do not align with each other perfectly. Here we will refer to George Ripley's 12 Gates, as this is the most popular referral and lends itself easily to living interpretations and insights.

  1. Calcination: When the processing of daily life becomes hardened, the calcination stage will burn away your impurities so that you can form something new from the ashes. Calcination works through the Fire Door and the Struggle Phase, as all of the pieces of you that have survived, come tumbling out of the fire to show you their full truth.

  2. Dissolution: Dissolution clears out the Water Door of emotional processing as you reflect on the previous stage of calcination. You analyze how your new emptiness feels, take stock of what you have left over and what you have gained, and begin to plan ahead.

  3. Separation: After the calcination has burned away your impurities, and the dissolution has washed away their ashes, all of your pieces are then revealed, sparkling new for you to sift through and sort out. This is the stage of growth, working through your Air Door, where you begin to re-collect your favorite parts and begin your rebuilding.

  4. Conjunction: Conjunction brings your pieces back together into a new form as a physical being walking through the Earth Door, starting a new journey of creation. The conjunction is your rebuilding and completion stage when the new you walks a new path with a new perspective.

  5. Putrification: Putrification is the result of the conjunction, when the unneeded parts die and fall away, neutralizing back into pure energy. This is somewhat of a clean-up stage after the conjunction, where you continue to shed what you chose to save but ended up not needing. At this stage, your old perspectives and assumptions are falling along the wayside, left to burn and wash away again through the Fire and Water doors, as you forget them and move onto a Spiritual existence here on Earth.

  6. Cibation/Distillation: Cibation refers to receiving nourishment from Source, allowing that higher energy to shine through you in the best interest of all involved. Distillation is the extension of cibation, living that divinity in real-time through both the Air and the Earth Doors. Distillation is having one foot in both worlds; as you walk in your Earthly experience, you do so successfully holding a Spiritual perspective. In this place, you have mastered emotional control and are able to manifest, respond rather than react, and see the world in the light of grace.

  7. Crystallization: At this stage, you have fully claimed your divinity and work and play in the progress and process of your divine purpose. From here, you spiral inward through your Spirit Door in the center of your elemental doors and live your truth in full spectrum. You are fully aligned after crystallization and claim your clarity through your actions rather than living by the misaligned values life once placed upon you. Some place the process of crystallization in the Fire Door, referring to the pressurized heat that it takes to create such beautiful and pure stones.

  8. Sublimation: Sublimation, literally speaking, is the changing of the physical form to ether. It is the continuous cycle through the elemental doors in its entirety, and in the Alchemical process, refers to the mastery of your energy body. This is the stage of self-realization where you have a full understanding of your energetic layers and components, and how working to keep them healthy can rectify and heal your quality of life and death.

  9. Fermentation: -the art of extracting the energy from the substance to use it freely. Fermentation is the masterful use of your energy bodies in your daily life and using your own energy for healing as you experience events that inappropriately adjust your frequencies. Working through the Earth Door, fermentation guides you through the process of applying your higher principles to life.

  10. Exaltation: Exaltation is the culmination of the right conditions for your truth to fully shine. When in this place you are expressing your truth by fully living your potential and divine purpose. You are engaged in your Soul Purpose work and are aligned with how to operate in this way indefinitely, as you are fully grounded in your Spirit Door.

  11. Multiplication: Multiplication is the practice of continuous growth, as you humbly seek to learn more and become a more potent version of your Soul Self. By aligning and accessing your continuous cycles through all four elemental doors, you master manifestation and build yourself in expansion.

  12. Projection: Projection is the Philosopher's Stone, the ultimate goal reached, in that you have fully realized your etheric potential and have mastered its use in this Earthly plane. Projection occurs when all four doors are aligned and running on pure energy without any interference from the vibrations of the environment. Few men who have dedicated themselves to this study have achieved this feat, however, there are accounts of it as told recently by Baird T. Spalding in his works titled Ascent to the Highest Temple In The World, Life, and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.

I hope you found these references useful, and as always, Happy Healing, from Jamelle @ Bare Roots Energy!


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