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Staying Connected With Yourself While Face It All

Updated: Mar 25

by Jamelle Zablow-Moloney

11, March, 2024

Don't look now, but current times are out-picturing a bit of worry, insecurity, and troubles lately. Between political solutions and everyone else's opinions on how to fix every single problem there ever was, it seems impossible to keep up and to keep the truth straight. When we're bombarded by constant incoming stimuli that impact our frequency and divert our focus, the mind begins to scramble, keeping us from making sound decisions and causing us to react rather than respond.

So what do you do when it becomes too much?

Are you checking in with your Soul? Your Higher Self? Your Heart? Your Universal Connection?

Because... if you are, you would know that the practice is as essential as drinking water. A regular check-in method with your higher self, your essence, your Soul, whatever your term is, both replenishes your energy body and stabilizes your outlook. Period.

Wondering how some people accomplish the perma-glow of inner peace?

In your beginning, when the Planet called you down into your body, your cells began to form with the God Spark that makes up your ether and energizes your entire life. That energy still flows through you and around you. It is your consciousness. This is the sacred serenity that holds you in your darkest night as you trudge through your memories and pull out the strings that no longer fit you. This God Essence within each of us is the tool at our instant disposal that guides us, heals us, and pulses our blood through our veins, providing clarity when our hearts cannot see.

It is our electricity

Our Sacred Electricity

Energetic Hygiene

All of this may sound fantastical, however, the reality of our electrical currents is a beautiful one, and integral to our health and wellbeing. Our energy circuit houses a complex system of intermingling components that run our energy through our body and the Earth in a constant flow of energized life force. Without it, we're simply meat puppets without free will or a conscious mind. So how do we access it? Where's the key? It's...


Having a daily routine with your energetic self can provide you with the hygiene you need to stay clear, focused, and determined in your daily grind. Utilizing the energy that is eternally internal (say that five times fast), and the clarifying energies coming in from the Universe, cleans our system and keeps our body in prime shape beyond a healthy diet and exercise routine we should already have in place.

Daily energy practices provide patience, reverence, acceptance, and understanding. They give us time to process our trauma and practice a little CBT on ourselves in the natural setting of our homes and hearts. When our energetic system is clear, so are our bodies and lives.

Daily connection protocols and practices help us move through trauma rather than around it; they help us check in with our dreams and purposes on a regular basis; even better, they help us to plan for our goals and cause us to innately surround ourselves with the actions and ambiance that keep us connected in a such a way that our goals complete themselves!

And all we have to do is connect with our Souls on the regular!

Our energy systems are fully equipped to source us, our creations, and all of our needs if we know how to use them! It's up to us to keep it clean so that our hearts, minds, actions, and words remain clear, focused, compassionate, and productive. When this reality is in place, the future we all look to is easily within reach.

Daily practices that ground us into this planet and give us a deep understanding of its intrinsic value within our own system, are imperative to moving through this life. Without this deep connection, and a deep and daily connection with the Soul, how can we ever know if we are navigating at our fullest potential?

Some go to church to connect. Some meditate. How do you do it? Are you doing it regularly? Or has life swept you away in all of its busyness?

Connect with your soul daily! I can't say it enough! If you don't know how seek your answers. Make your solution, or find someone who can point you to it. Where is your heart drawing you to?

My personal techniques include a daily chakra cleanse and Source Light Infusion to stay connected and cleaned out. I also engage in regular women's circles to help process all of the baggage that I seem to think I need to be carrying around. If you are indeed in need of some guidance, practices, and opportunities on this home front,

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Ask me about...

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