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An Awakening Planet: Raising Your Own Vibration to Heal the Vibration of the Planet

By Jamelle Zablow-Moloney

An Awakening Planet and the Search for the Healing Vibration
An Awakening Planet and the Search for the Healing Vibration | Bare Roots Energy

Watching the world change is something many don't slow down to engage in until they are nearing retirement age, have grandkids, or become too ill to keep up with our fast-paced society. Considering what our forefathers, ancestors, and great-grandparents had to endure, it is easy to see that we have it made in comparison; however, with triumph comes surprise challenges, some that no one anticipated. With our stabilized

system of medical treatment, we have an increase in life span and a reduced illness-related and pregnancy-related death rate, which has led to such a significant overpopulation that we are now creating and dispersing old and novel viruses at the pandemic level. With such rapidly advancing technology, we have improved efficiency across all sectors of life, yet at the same time, have introduced to the developing mind of children a tool that stunts cognitive and social growth and also has devastating and lasting effects on the mental health of adults. BUT FEAR NOT! WE ARE AWAKENING!

One amazing thing that has revealed itself due to our recent pandemic is the individual's drive to get, be, and stay well. Never before has the general population shifted from isolation to a longing for positive energy and forward-moving action. Here in America, our Civil Rights Movement has taken up stance again and brought to the surface multiple channels of renewal for lasting change, including police and policy reform, advocacy for the previously incarcerated, and revised public school curriculum.

Each day, we run into more clients, friends, colleagues, and strangers seeking fulfillment and peace. This is the forward movement our planet needs. That deep longing in each of us that calls out the dirty energies that keep us bogged down with bad moods and rude attitudes. This is where our energy bodies come in!

As You Heal, I Too Heal. As I Heal, You Too Heal.

There is an old Reiki saying: As you heal, I too heal. It's actually the name of the Reiki Manuals that I have written because nothing more could be closer to the truth. Here's why: As my energy is healed, my auric layers and physical body begin to vibrate at a balanced frequency that can mingle peacefully with the planet, help to balance the frequencies of others, and help us to mitigate our energy changes and moods as we encounter unsavory situations. As I heal my energy, I no longer hold the burden of carrying around a frequency that brings my colleagues down when I go to work. As I heal my energy, I no longer hold the burden of the low-lying energies that make me sick, allowing me to live through my days with more clarity and patience; all effects that impact not only me, all of those who surround me as well as the planet itself.

Everyone's energy vibrates at a variant rate because everyone's balance of energy has the potential to be different than that of others due to our experience and beliefs. It is reasonable to say that our energetic imprints are all unique to our individuality and that our bodies are always physically seeking our own unique balance to regain optimal health. Because our frequencies are like ripples in the pond, they have a lasting effect on all of the spaces and beings we are near at all times. Think about that for a second. If I am vibrating with the frequencies of hate and go into the classroom with that on my shoulders, it is a guarantee that all of my students will have a funky, wonky day. Furthermore, when I go home unless I do the work to rebalance my energies before I enter the door, it is guaranteed that someone in my household will get the brunt of that hateful mood I am harboring.

Heal to raise your vibration;

raise your vibration to heal the Planet.

We are all on an inherent search to raise our own vibration. It is in our human nature. It is why we seek the things that make us happy. However, as a society, we must refrain from obtaining this happiness at the cost of others. The planet needs us more than ever now. Our cultures around the world suffer tremendously from violence, exposure to damaging media, and policy that cannot manage mass populations. The hope lies within ourselves. To focus on your own healing is, in turn, an act of planetary healing. Never underestimate the power of a clean energy body walking!

For tips and tricks about how to start your self-healing journey, I suggest energy work and meditation. If you are interested in diving deep, check out some of my classes:

Living Your Life Through Intention,

Sacred Rhythms, and

Clearing Your Cord of Expectations

There are also free resources on my site to help you navigate tough situations and chakra education, and as always, energy work is a simple, effortless way to start down your journey, and appointments only start at $65 for each session! Feel free to drop me a line with questions, struggles, and ideas, and as always,

Happy Healing!

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