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Meditation Tips & Tricks #2

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Finding it hard to quiet those thoughts down? Let's metacognate!

Question yourself!

They tell us to question everything, then they tell us to never question ourselves, or higher powers. What are we supposed to do!?

We're supposed to guide our thoughts. Meditation isn't just the act of being still for a given amount of time, or experiencing a GOD moment- it is also about using your ability to think and guide your every day subtle practices- thinking being one of them! What a necessary tangle we live in!

When you find your mind wandering, practice this trick: Ask yourself "Why am I thinking this?" Asking yourself this often and daily will trigger a process of metacognition; the process of self-reflection / thinking about your thoughts.

So, why are you thinking about what Debbie brought for lunch, or why the driver behind you has such big hair? Is thinking about the bugger picker you spied at the last stop light serving you, or wasting your energy? Don't forget, it costs us to produce thoughts. It costs us both calories and mental and emotional energy, just like exercising. Don't waste your energy. Stay on top of those thoughts, meditators! It may not be easy, but the consequences are far more worth it than words or thoughts can describe!

Over and Out,


Bare Roots Energy

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