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Meditation: the Time We Don't Have, but the Prescription we need.

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Meditation is touted as an 'effective tool' for a reason. When used consistently, it can work efficiently and quickly to change your life in any direction you want to go. I have personally found it difficult to set time aside daily to meditate in the traditional way. I would beat myself up year after year for never getting into a good routine because I knew of the benefits it could have. However, once I started to think of meditation differently, everything changed.

Working in the field of Special Education gives me great insight into how the minute details of systems and procedures work, and how the slightest detail can make all of the difference. When I began to apply these organizational principles to my meditation practices, I found my perfect recipe! Meditation does not have to be a burden, a weight on your shoulder, or even the tiny voice in your ear that nags at you to do better. Meditation doesn't even need to be tightly defined for it to helps us with our goals and struggles.

To my relief, as someone who gets bored quickly, I have also found that meditation is like a living document. It is fluid and progressive, and if you listen closely enough to your instincts, you will feel a daily routine of meditation begin to change as you change. Meditation is not meant to be solid and identical every day. It is a natural process that is created and creates your thoughts and thinking patterns. Therefore, an ever-changing and growing meditation is not only ideal for our changing lives, but also an inevitability.

In my personal experience, after using the same meditation (which I got from a fabulous woman named Beverly Nation), I was at first confused. After the first two weeks of consistency, I saw a great change in my life and didn't know where to go from there. However, with change comes change, so I tweaked the original meditation to guide my mindset where I wanted it to go. Since, I have tweaked it many more times, and can see the changes showing up in my life and synchronizing with the focus of my meditation automatically and without any extra effort on my part.

2 years. I said it. My life has changed for the good-dramatically- since I began my mediation routine, but it did not happen overnight. However, in paying attention to the minute details of the differences it was making in my life, I learned how much more in control of my day to day experiences I was and could be.

Realizing this made me realize that if I have this much power to build, direct, and shape my life, why would I want to rush that? I don't. I meditated my way out of the 'not enough time' mindset, and into a much healthier one. For me, meditation has turned into a process of manifestation and affirmation. For you, it could turn into anything you need it to be.

Effective and reliable meditation is a key part of mental and physical health because it changes the brain, which changes lives, which in turn changes the health of the body. It truly is the spout of the trickle effect.

Thanks for reading!

Jamelle @ Bare Roots


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