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Your Relationship With Spirit

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

By Jamelle Zablow-Moloney

When was the last time you reflected on your relationship with Spirit? When was the last time you thought about rejeuvenating it, exploring it, or analyzing it to see where you stand in your practices for Spiritual wellness?

Everyone's relationship with Spirit, or God, is unique, even if we are worshiping at the same church or simply have the same religious affiliation. What I speak of here doesn't affiliate with a specific religion, however, but rather focuses on the Spirit we find inside. We may get to this Spirit through religion, but not all of us do. Some of find our individual Spirit through the sanctity of nature. Some of us find Spirit through the day to day experiences that pull it out of us. Some of us are fortunate enough to find Spirit through miracles manifested in front of our once un-believing eyes. Regardless of how you find or bring about your own realization of the Spirit within, it is an occurrence that brings about change.

I use to think, when I was naive about the nature of life's lessons, that finding my Spirit and holding onto it would be a systematic and endless experience of awe inspiring bliss; an experience that would allow me to walk among the flowers in a consistent head space of euphoric grace. I was so wrong, as many already knew! Uncovering your Spirit, its hidden potential, its shadows, and its needs, is a process of learning. These acts are processes of coming undone so that we can rebuild again and again.

In light of lessons learned, we growth, and then are given new lives within this very incarnation, to learn from and to grow through in a subsequent pattern of climbing the ladder that is life. We are given new chances to grow, re-affiliate, rewire, and step up not only by the experiences life throws at us, but also by looking within.

Each time we look inside of ourselves, we are given a journey to find answers that take us down paths of contemplation. For you, is this contemplation leading you to bouts of realization that uncover what you have once hidden? Sometimes we are even led to questions about ourselves that we didn't even know we had. Through introspection, we are shown our limitations and where they originated from. Following these times of introspection we are then guided through our daily experiences to the situations and events that provide the solutions we need in order to turn our limitations into opportunities for growth. How do we tap into this cycle of growth? By watching!

  • Go Inside

  • Learn About Yourself, your entanglement, and your limitations. Find the patterns in your life that hold you back. These patterns typically begin with childhood beliefs that are built from what you learn through experience and from you are taught by your family.

  • Watch the Universe send you exactly what you need to untangle the limitations.

You will experience in life, the things that will bring about the tools you are in need of in order to learn what you need to learn. It doesn't matter who you are or how you worship, this is the universal law for all human beings. There will always be something out there teaching you, making you stronger, telling you how to overcome your blocks. Whether it is the slow driver in front of you when you are late for work, or the screaming child in your shopping cart as you check out at the store. Something is typically testing our patience on a day to day basis. These instances are the fruit of life. These daily experiences are what help us master our own weaknesses.

When we ask ourselves what our relationship with Spirit is, we are truly asking ourselves "What are my limitations? What am I doing to stand in my own way of freedom and peace? What do I need in order to improve in myself and in order to be more happy?" Asking these questions lead us to the things we are holding onto, and continuing to investigate ourselves in this way leads us closer to both our outer Spirit, God, or our Maker, and our Inner Spirit Self.

Asking these questions will lead you to a greater locus of control and a higher tolerance to manage your day to day stimulation.

We don't' need to be spiritual in order to be on a spiritual path. We don't have to be practicing a religion or a path of wellness to look inside and find our blocks. Thy pop up for most of us on a regular basis simply as the world turns and puts puddles in our paths to jump over! Sometimes our direction forward seems convoluted, messy, confusing, and painful. Growth can be painful. It can also be messy. However, if we are listening to ourselves and seeking our answers from within our own hearts and mind, answers become more easily accessible.

Some of us pay homage to our Spiritual selves each Sunday as we enter sanctuary with our common congregation. Some of us consider our relationship with God each time we step outside and see the clouds moving overhead. Some of us watch ourselves ebb and flow in and out of a Spiritual connection and consideration for the questions mentioned here. Regardless of who you are, remember your innate ability to be in the driver's seat of your own journey. And as always, Happy Healing!

If you would like to explore pathways to connecting with your Spiritual Self, let's chat! Sacred Rhythms, The Meditation Manual, Life Path Readings, and Energy Healings are all modalities that provide you with this outlet. Contact me at or 785-532-9356


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