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Meditation Tips & Tricks #4

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Don't know what to meditate about? Sometimes it's helpful to direct the mind during meditation, in order to settle it down and release our body from the day's tension. So what should you meditate about?

What would make you a stronger you?

What would make you happier?

Start there. These questions will likely lead you down a rabbit hole of analyzing your life, however, so use the following to pinpoint the specifics.

What do you require to make you stronger, happier?

What do you need to get, have, or do?

How can you get them?

What it be like having what you need or being the way you want to be? From this question, create an image of what it will look like, and feel the gentle sensation of the emotion that fills you when you see this visualization.

Remember, thoughts become things and meditation becomes manifestation. Meditation is simply a directed intention of the mind to create the reality in which we live. Create happily my people!


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