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The Alchemical Trails Life Path Reading

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  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Bare Roots Energy

Service Description

The traditional ways of viewing our lives along a two-dimensional timeline have played their purpose for timekeeping, historical tracking, and referencing global events. However, when viewing one's individual life cycle in a circular term, the gates of magic on Earth are opened! Have you ever wondered what the future has to hold for you? The Life Path Reading is the analysis of your Birth Chart. It is an Astrological reading that uses your Birth time and place to take a deeper look into your purpose and trajectory that covers past, present, and future event alignments. Upon ordering, I will email you to begin scheduling our meeting(s). The Life Path Reading is printed after completion and mailed to you so that you can take notes during our closing meeting. Life Path Readings chart the information from your natal birth chart into a system of planetary alignment to help you navigate through your future & past influences, your future & past purposes, your Feminine & Masculine influences, and more. By aligning the positions of the astrological houses at your time of birth with a system of Reading developed by Lisa Michaels, you can then being to align your plans, goals, and intentions with your divine purpose and glean more synchronicity and joy out of life. Every celestial body aligns with each of us differently, impacting the courses we take as we walk our paths in life. Not only do these influences shape who we are at birth, but they also shape us as we grow and will continue to do so as long as we live. Knowing the significance of our influencing planetary alignments can give us the secret weapon needed when making decisions, planning ahead, and dealing with life's changes and challenges. Through the Life Path Reading, you will get insight into your duty during this incarnation and come into a deep understanding of the experiences you have come from. Dive in to learn your secrets and turn them into your own superpower! Clients have the choice of a phone or zoom conference before and after the readings. Once paid for, you will receive contact from me within 48 hours to review your order.  View these services in the Alchemical Trails for easier ordering.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel an appointment, contact us within 5 hours of your appointment. Contact Jamelle at or call or text 785-532-9356 Privacy Policy:

Contact Details

  • 2706 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66046, USA


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