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The Shamanic Journey

  • 4 hours
  • From 85 US dollars
  • Bare Roots Energy

Service Description

The Shamanic Journey is both a learning journey and a place of still point. Meeting our guides and visiting spaces that have been homes to our Soul is a deeply humbling and transcendent experience. From these places of belonging, our roots begin to grow again in the realms of healing and answers. Once we are aware of how we access our worlds beyond our ordinary reality, we learn how to access all of the knowledge of our Soul, and that we are never alone. A gentle, three-part, guided expedition will take to your spaces and faces that have been waiting to meet and guide you to your, truth, heritage, lineage, healing, and grace. The Shaman's Journey is a benevolent deep meditation in a private setting with your practitioner, who sits with you during your travels, guiding you without imposition, in a safe space, as you are free to explore and speak your way through your journey. Notes and recordings can be taken on your behalf. My role as your guide is to facilitate your experience for your highest good and goal. Sessions can be held online or in person at the Lawrence, Ks studio. Day 1 is a longer session as you begin to form within your awareness, of where you will be going and who you will be seeing. You will learn about the different realms you will access, and how you will access them, and then you will take your first deep journey. On Days 2 and 3, After we open the circle, you will take your second and third journeys. Because each journey is different, this structure may not hold for your journey. Know that your journey will guide you and me as your practitioner to know how far apart to space each of your sessions. If your 3 journeys are completed in 2 sessions, you are not responsible for the cost of the third session. You may be refunded, or use the credit towards another purchase. Each session can be taken separately, and non-subsequentially, however, completing all three journeys together is a much deeper, and richer experience with greater healing benefits, as you begin to build energy and momentum from day to day as the meditative journeys are completed closer together. Lastly, please know me. Read my About page, text me, call me, and let's learn about each other as we embark on this journey together. With over 20 years of teaching and healing experience combined, I bring you to my doorstep in unconditional love and holding, am honored to have been blessed with your time, and look forward to meeting and journeying with you.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel an appointment, contact us within 5 hours of your appointment. Contact Jamelle at or call or text 785-532-9356 Privacy Policy:

Contact Details

  • 2706 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66046, USA


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