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The balanced combination of traditional Reiki healing and the ancient secrets of Sacred Geometry have come together to provide a beautiful healing experience. Experience your Reiki Session like never before as we continue to work through intention and ignite the patterns of life's creation to heal the physical body and energetic templates.


Quantum Reiki Treatments fuse the Source Light Protocol with traditional Reiki healing and the ancient secrets of sacred geometry for healing, alignment, and growth. This treatment is a one-hour long treatment conducted in-studio or online. 


In these sessions, we will discuss the goals and healing you seek, activate dormant energy centers and channels, charge and store energy safely in your field for prolonged healing, and infuse your energy body with your intentions in order to turbo-charge your healing.


Quantum Reiki Treatments are 60-minute sessions that incorporate traditional Reiki healing, sacred geometry, guided planning, and intention work, and visualization into your energy healing treatment. This is a great treatment for those who are seeking a reset, making a big change, or struggling to kick a stubborn illness or habit, as well as those who seek a solid foundation for their own energetic health.


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Quantum Reiki

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