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The Trashiest Meditation; Daily Meditative Practices for our Carbon Footprint

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The Trashiest Meditation; Our Carbon Footprint

In the depths of 2020, we are drowning in trash, as we have been for decades now. It has filled our oceans so full of debris that not even the Earth’s natural filtration systems can keep up any longer. We are seeing our planet dying, but we still package everything as if everything’s fine.

Our human waste is one of the top three heart breakers I think about and get sick to my stomach over every day. I feel a deep guilt for the carbon footprint I leave, and minimize it as much as possible, although this is definitely a work in progress when you have a family. We have been continually adjusting from this to that in aims of being more conscious consumers, but that alone isn’t enough to save the day!

I can tell you to recycle and cut down your carbon footprint- but the world needs you to do your job, which still requires you to have a carbon footprint. It’s a double-edged sword. But- something can be done- passively in the background as we carry on with our day to day lives.

Below are some examples of small, quick meditative and affirmation practices that you can fit into your daily life, and make a lasting impact on this specific issue: Our Carbon Footprint. A collective of specific affirmations taking place every day over an extended period of time can result in some real change that we can see, hear, and feel in the world around us. These are suggested affirmations ready for you, but do not feel married to the exact format. Use them as guides to find the tiny bits of your day that can aid you in manifesting the world you want to see.

Happy Earth Day, Happy Trash Day, and Happy Meditation Day! ~ Much love, Bare Roots Energy

When and Where Meditation/Affirmation

Every time you touch a piece of paper: “I have the time to recycle.”

Every time you touch cardboard: “This cardboard can be recycled into energy.”

Every time you throw something away: “They have found a clean way to turn our waste and trash into a free source of energy!”

Every time you put your groceries in your car: “People are investing in cleaning the oceans worldwide, everyday.”

Every time you are brushing your teeth with the water off: “The collective is awakening to the necessity of our Planet’s health.”

Every time you put on your shoes: “I acknowledge my role in taking care of my home.”


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