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The Cycle of Success, Struggle, Stagnation, and Settling

By Jamelle Zablow-Moloney


Most people just want things to get better. Tired of the struggle and the flood of problems being thrown at us, we are overdone and burnt out. The work week is too long, the demands are too high, and the downtime is too short. What are we going to do to balance out our lives in a world that doesn't promote balance? By honoring our participation in our natural cycles, and applying our creations and trials to their rhythms, we can start to integrate balance back into our lives.

Every time you enter into a new phase of your life, start a new project, experience an impactful event, start a new job, plan yearly goals, or follow a moon cycle, you are participating in the natural cycles of the Earth and your human experience.

The endless cycle of success-struggle-stagnation-and settling, however unpleasant its parts may be, is a natural cycle with deeply interconnected pieces that offer balance and insight into a more gentle ride through the experience that is life. Understanding your own role within this cycle provides the opportunity for manifestation by pushing you through trials and teaching you how to use your struggles as lessons to heal. This cycle mimics the natural elemental cycles of death and rebirth, the alchemical process, the steps of grieving, the hormonal cycle, and just about any other natural cycle you can think of. It is a cycle that is already in place for you, and you only need to dive in to activate it and come into alignment with it.

Learn how the phases of this cycle align with your current waking life:

During periods of success, we are flying high, creating, meeting goals, starting projects, connecting the dots, and staying in synch with ourselves and others. To build momentum during this stage celebrate your success, give thanks to all who have helped the pieces fall into place, stay focused, stay consistent, and stay clear by keeping up with your inner work. Your periods of success are good times to do physical cleanses, clean up your eating habits, and start an exercise routine. This phase of the cycle cleans out your Physical Body and lives in the Earth Door of Creation.

During periods of struggle, it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the part of the cycle that requires more work and flexibility from you, as well as some out-of-the-box thinking. To build momentum during this phase, review your accomplishments to stay motivated, stay gentle with yourself and engage in practices of gentle healing such as daily cleanses, meditation, chanting, and energy work. This phase of the cycle cleans out all four of your bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) by burning away old assumptions, habits, traits, and false beliefs in order to purify your essential parts. Some struggles can look like the Dark Night of the Soul, a flood of small problems bubbling up, or even a life shift. The struggle phase lives in the Fire Door of Purification.

During periods of stagnation, your body is ready to take rest and re-evaluate. Whether we are talking about a holistic view of your life and personality or a project you are completing, honoring the period of stagnation and rest is imperative for keeping up your momentum throughout the full cycle of experience. The need to take rest is a natural part of any cycle, and if not given its due time, will take its toll on you through fatigue, misalignment, bad luck, and blockages that keep your creative juices from flowing. Rest is an important part of any rhythm and you may feel your body calling on it more often when you have multiple plates spinning. Stagnation gives you permission to not take action and instead take stock and evaluate what needs to be tweaked. This is the time when you can most clearly see and evaluate your experience from your struggle period and decide on the changes you need to keep moving forward. To stay motivated during this phase, let stagnation teach you that your creation is a process, and not a constant output. This phase clears out your Emotional Body and lives in the Water Door.

During periods of settling your Mental Body is being cleared out and you are becoming familiar with how the new you feels. While you are settling, your body is coming out of rest and preparing to jump back into action, after the dust has settled, per se. To keep momentum during this phase, practice acts of gratitude, reflect on your journey, and begin planning the next phase of creation whether that be the week ahead of you or the next phase of a project you are working on. The settling phase lives in the Air Door.

Take a look at something you are going through right now, no matter how small. What phase of the cycle are you in?

Are you expecting too much out of your self when are you are win the stagnation and settling phases?

Are you failing to take initiative during your success and struggle phases?

For information on how energy work can help you through a tough cycle or set you on the right track within your own cycle, consider some work with Sacred Rhythms, Clearing the Cords of Expectations or CCT Treatments! The Crystalline Consciousness Technique exists solely to get you in alignment with all of creation and can help you shed old patterns that are keeping stuck and make you feel like every phase is the struggle phase!

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