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Energy Healing Services

Image by Braňo

Crystal Infused Reiki

Using the Earth to enhance healing

There are huge varieties of stones on this planet, each having their own unique properties. Different types of stone vibrate at different, yet specific, frequencies due to their chemical make-up. Measuring these frequencies reveals the energetic fingerprint of the stone, allowing one to align the crystal's particular vibrations with the vibrational needs of the body. Quartz, for example, has the incredibly useful property of being able to resonate and hold an energetic charge at multiple frequencies, making it an ideal stone for all healing situations.
Crystal Infused Reiki makes use of raw gemstones to hold and direct the healing energy emitted by the practitioner, creating a stronger, continual and uniquely focused flow of energy to the recipient. Stones can be placed directly on the body or laid out in grids to hold, transmute, and transmit energy through space or time. This technique strengthens the effectiveness of distance Reiki treatments, and can also be used to send healing energy to past or pending events.   


Labradorite Stone


Energy booster

Labradorite can ease the sharpness of the tongue and soften a bad mood, helping to transform negativity to soft calmness. 

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