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Reiki is an age-old healing technique that feeds the energy body by channeling the electricity of the electro-magnetic fields around and within the physical body. Energy healing and meditation practices are both a game changer and a compliment to our Western approach to medicine. Bare Roots Energy practices a system of healing that personalizes your path to wholeness through continual assessment and flexible treatment. We offer a wide range of Reiki and Energy Healing Options, Meditation Coaching Services, and Written Prescriptions. 

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Jamelle always goes above and beyond when it comes to the services she provides. I always feel such ease after our sessions. I love how she puts her all into her work. She is always there to answer any questions I have. I highly recommend using her!


I purchased a string of malachite prayer beads from Jamelle to support my neck healing after surgery. They are beautiful and well made. Since I've been wearing them, I have turned a corner in my recovery and the pain is becoming more manageable. I call them my "thank you Jesus" beads and roll them between my fingers when I pray. I love them and the care and energy Jamelle has put into them. Thank you!


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Bare Roots Energy 

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