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Enjoy Your Free Gifts!

Enjoy your free gifts for joining this year's Womb Awakening Summit!
These tools were designed as a guide to help you become familiar with your energy body and maintain its optimal health!

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The Articles of Chakra Health

Dive into the world of Chakra health and give your energy body the boost it deserves! Our Auric Layers and Energy Centers metabolize all of the electricity we create, all of the electricity that sustains us, and all of the electricity that we come in contact with. This metabolic process is essential to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The Articles of Chakra Health contains a synopsis of each of the seven major chakras, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and some key measures to improve their health when they are not functioning at their peak. Start your energy center investigation today by taking the time to reflect on how each center's traits integrate with your history, current situations, and your future plans. 

A Meditation of Chakra Light

Sit back and relax in preparation for a full chakra clear to assist you in your intention to clear, clean, and heal each of your energetic self. The Meditation of Chakra Light provides a simple and calming visualization to clear out your chakra bases and rejuvenate your metabolizing, energetic centers, leaving you centered, balanced, and refreshed. This meditation is a 12-minute journey into the infusion of your basic chakra-associated colors: red at the root, orange at the sacrum, yellow at the solar plexus, green at the heart, blue at the throat, purple at the Anja, and white at the crown. Let these colors not represent your own chakra colors, but rather an infusion of colors that will work to balance your centers during this meditation. Enjoy and Happy Healing.

Access your meditation in the Meditation Classroom

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Bare Roots Energy Online Bi-Weekly Reiki Clinic

Join Bare Roots Energy and a safe community of others who are on their healing journey for a free energy treatment every other Thursday night, on Facebook Live, at 8:30 pm Central Standard Time. The bi-weekly clinic treatments are charged with the intention for each recipient to get a good night's sleep and healing sleep, taking advantage of Reiki's ability to ignite the body's self-healing mechanisms right before bedtime. 

Bring your own personal intentions with you and enjoy a free treatment on me!

Visit the Facebook group:

Bare Roots Energy Reiki Clinic to join!

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A Course in Living Your Life Through Intention

Enjoy this 25% OFF COUPON CODE: intentional25

to get a discount on this 7-week, life-changing course, a deal exclusively for Summit Participants!

Living Your Life Through Intention provides tools to put into place that both nurture and produce a life lived with a more focused purpose. This course not only reveals to you your own divine permission to slow down, but also guides you in how to do it, and maintain it. 

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