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Quantum Healing for Daily Use

Today's common knowledge is that the planet is shifting, and with it, humanity. Go tell it on the mountain! I can feel it, you can feel it, we can all see simply by looking out our windows. From the way we communicate to the way we act out our understandings, what some call a New Earth and others call 5D, a mass of energy is on the incoming,


and we are on the end to receive.


As our DNA collectively shifts to a higher vibrational expression of ourselves, we can very easily find ourselves in the grips of debasing change. The feeling that the floor is falling out from under you is never a pleasant one. While the energetic grids of the planet and atmosphere work to balance out the Earth's physical state, there are still a vast number of safety nets that we as individuals can employ for ourselves during the transition that is afoot.

What can we do to support ourselves during planetary transition and day to day life on Earth?


We can start at home.


For those of you with daily practices, and for those of you who feel the pull to get into a daily practice for your energy body,





The name of the game is to raise that vibration ladies and gentlemen, or else it will be raised for you through the natural consequences of your daily actions and decisions. By making the conscious effort however to engage in daily energetic practices, you take control, rather than letting life control you!


The quantum universe is dually infinite in its smallness and expansiveness, and you, my friend, with your human body and your human experience, are not exempt from that reality. Because our DNA spirals with the makings of Fibonacci, our very strands are repeated in all of the material in all of the spaces, wherever we are, always. We cannot escape what makes us up, and why would want to. It is this infinite source within us all that can produce the miracles we seek each day.


To achieve instant and consistent peace, we each need to find the daily energetic tools that lend themselves to our personal healing needs according to our own individual experience and trauma histories. In that way, we are all different. We all have to find what work's for us, but when people tell you to do what works for you...




Finding what works for you in a regular spiritual or energetic practice can take a few different routes. We can experiment with all of the spiritual tools and gurus available to us today online in the corners of our communities. To get the biggest bang for your buck, this approach requires you to do your research and experience a journey of ups and downs as you find tools that you like, and some that you don't.


Or we could take another approach. Find out what you need first. A surefire way of being led to the practices that will serve you and the outcomes you seek is to do your inner work while you are on the hunt. It is a matter of getting to the roots of your needs in order to identify the tools that will serve you the best. Quantum healings along with coaching sessions focus on pinpointing right action with you, and then bring those goals through you and out to the world. 

The new Quantum Healings are here to facilitate your daily energetic cleansing. These healings work with your needs, dreams and energetic bodies from the inside out to bring your conscious awareness and daily practice into alignment with your infinite spiral. The healings connect you to the grids that carry you throughout your every day, along the trajectory that you consciously choose. When paired with the practice of choice, this energy treatment provides the full spiral of manifestation.

Heal with 


Learn this routine for your own daily use! 
This will be the only daily energetic cleanser you need!

The Quantum Healing for Daily Use includes a healing treatment to teach you the strategy in person, a video recording of a guided meditation to take you through the process, and a written template of the process as well.

Quantum Healings

Quantum Healing (includes Chakra Cleanse and infusion) $95

Learn the process for yourself with the Quantum Healing for Daily Use $222

Extra Coaching Sessions without healing $30 for this program only.

Handmade Card Decks cary a higher infusion of Light: $45

Jump Into Your Quantum Self

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