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Discover your Astral Color and open up the specific healing channels that vibrate with your own specific frequency.  Learn which colors, foods, stones, and frequencies your body most optimally resonates with, and how these things can be subtly incorporated into your daily life for fine-tuning your healing journey. 


Astral Color Readings are...

* A simple and fun way to specify your daily habits and routines and further empower your current energetic and health routines. 

* Specific to each individual and provide information that shines light into all aspects of your life.

* Great gifts for anyone who is seeking more insight into how energetics impact them and their lives.


Astral Color Readings require an in-person initial reading or a photo of the person the reading is for. Once the reading is complete, you will receive your Personal Astral Color Report which includes...

*A personal Mandala with your Astral Color
*Details about your color and how it can benefit your energy field.
*Details about the specific foods in resonance with your Astral Color. 
*Details about the specific stones in resonance with your Astral Color. 
*Details about the specific number 1-19, which resonance the strongest with your personal frequency. 
*Details about the associated Chakra of your Astral Color and appropriate Energetic hygiene practices needed for the specific chakra.


Astral Color Reports are emailed out within 5 days of the initial testing. Please contact Jamelle at BRE with any questions or special requests!

Astral Color Reading

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