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The Tranquil Wisdom Smudge Stick contains Sage, Lavendar, Mint, and Rosemerry, wrapped in an oranic white, cotton string. 

Burn before a meditation, for guidance through akashic recalls and past regressions, or for a calming atmosphere before large gatherings. 


Lavender aids in tranquility, stress release, love, proseperity, protection, puricifation, and healing. 

Mint aids in prosperity, healing, exorcism, and protection.

Rosemerry aids in concentration, purification, healing, exorcism, and protection, and love.

Sage aids in longevity, wisdom, protection, and concentration.

Tranquil Wisdom

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  • Tranquil Wisdom

    All herbs are locally grown in Lawrence, Ks. 

    Smudge sticks are roughly 6-8 inches long. 

     How to Use

    Smudge sticks can be burned over or in a bowl or plate, or anything that can catch the debris as the material burns. They can also be burned on incense coal. 

    Smudge sticks are made of dried herbs, foliage, and flora. Always compare the ingredients of your purchase with your own allergens before burning. 

    Consider the effects of allergens and respiratory agitation before burning. 

    Cautionary Advice & Legal Disclaimer

    *It is recommended to use smudge sticks outdoors. If you choose to use your smudge sticks indoors, open as many windows as you can to help clear the room(s) of the smoke produced from burning. 

    *Use a vessel or container with the smudge stick, to catch ash or burning remnants of the stick that may fall. 

    *Consider your environment before burning. Burning smudge sticks may cause respiratory or allergic reactions. Please check all of the ingredients in each purchase and consider the effects of allergens on those in the area. 

    *Bare Roots is not responsible for injury or damage to property with the use of this item. 


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