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Sacred Rhythms is a monthly Women's circle class that teaches about women's womb health and overall wellbeing. Join the class to reap the full benefits of having a tight knit community to journey with! 

The monthly kits sold here accompany the course, but can also be used on their own.

Monthly Kits Include:

Flower Essence Drops

Essential Oil Spray

Portal Tea

Portal Stone


The Flower Essence drops are safe for daily ingesting, at 4 drops each day. Please reasearch your allergies before ingesting. These drops are not FDA approved. Please seek the advice of a doctor before taking if you have existing health concerns or questions about thier impact on you outside of the descriptions outlined in the course. 


Essential Oil spray can be used in spaces or as perfumes. lease reasearch your allergies before using.


Teas are either home made or purchased from our local Coop store here in Lawrence, Ks. All home made teas are made of herbs purchased from our local Coop store here in Lawrence, Ks, and guranteed for cleanliness and organic nature. 

March Sacred Rhythms Integration Kit

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