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Join me on Facebook Live every other Thursday night at 8:30 Central Standard Time, for a 30-minute, Free mini healing. 

Healings are specified to include your own intentions and to deliver the energy therapy of Reiki to you throughout the remainder of your current day and into your next.

For up to date information and announcements on this Free Healing Service, Join the Facebook group:

Bare Roots Energy Reiki Clinic


Live video begins around 8:20.

Once you are logged in to the event, say hi in the comments so I can get your name on the healing list.

Once the healing starts, sit back, relax,  and be ready to receive.

Bring your intentions with you! Whatever you are working on, need healing for, or want to bring into your life, write it down or speak it to yourself or outlaid during the healing treatment. During the healing, you will have the opportunity to declare your intention to the universe and make is so through the energetic healing of Reiki!


This group meets bi-weekly and is free to attend!

Donations are welcome, and love offerings of $10 are much appreciated!

Bi-Weekly Online Reiki Clinic

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