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Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™️

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Transformation at its finest

Transformation comes in its finest form when you use the tools of the Universe! What goal do you want to achieve? Do you need to quit smoking? Does your child need to master a school skill? Are you having trouble starting something new, or letting something go? The Crystalline Consciousness Technique(CCT) may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™️

When the Earth's Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) fluctuate, our bodies feel it and begin the long process of adapting to these fluctuations and variances in strength. This adaptation process of the human body is a slow one and can sometimes be unpleasant as our bodies ache and our shadows come alive through real-time experiences. As the Earth's electromagnetic field (EMF) continues to break down and expire (as slow as it is), it begins to fail in its support of all of the energies flowing through it. The EMF's overload of energy is then passed on to the untaxed Crystalline grid that surrounds it. The Crystalline Consciousness Technique, the CCT™, is a system of transformation that hooks up to and works within this very grid, putting us in direct contact with the Universe and all of her possibilities. 

The CCT™ accesses the water in the atmosphere, the water molecules within the atomic structures of organic materials, and the water within the body's connective tissues to communicate with the rest of the Universes as a mirror of all that we are and all that we intend. By using this relationship with water, the CCT™ system engages intention and the patterns of sacred geometry to transform reality for healing on multiple levels. When you put a well-thought-out intention into the crystalline grid, it shines that vision out to the universe like a spotlight, beginning the magnetic proceedings of telling all of creation what you need in order to fulfill that intention. Through this direct connection, healings are more intentional, faster resolving, definite, and gentle. 

Being connected with our intentions to the Crystalline Grid both eases the adaptation process and gives us an alternate energy source to feed our minds, bodies, and life force. The connection wakes our soul as if through an electrical reemergence and awareness, working beyond the weakening EMF to tell all of the energies in the Universe exactly what we need to rebalance and adjust with more ease and in right timing. 

Healings through this system can target a variety of things including physical ailments, deeply ingrained patterns, or even unhealthy ancestral ties. This treatment is beneficial when one is in need of a reset or going through large changes such as smoking cessation, learning something new, or letting go of traumatic experiences. A CCT™ treatment can be applied to a new group project at the firm, or bring about the circumstances needed to complete a successful college application. 

CCT healings can be done as an energy treatment much like a Reiki session, or through chart work.  

CCT Healing for Businesses

Business packages are available to connect your business as an entity to the Crystalline grid system and align business components to the New Earth Energies. Working through the Crystalline grid for your business can amplify success, ease planning and transitional phases, get all individuals on the same page, transform work mindset and energetic environments, or even transform systems of administration and organization with ease and grace. With a CCT™ treatment for your business, you have access to the guarantee that your business is aligned in its core purpose and functions as such. 

CCT Energy Healings

Energy healings through the CCT™ glean their effectiveness from the ability to create a healing chamber with Sacred Geometry that protects the healing session and your intention from incoming and wavering EMF frequencies. These frequencies can bombard your energy field, leaving you drained and unfocused. However, when you set an intention in a protected chamber, it is easier to attract the circumstances that are required for you to realize your intention. The CCT™ first clears and then bypasses that old system to provide true transformation. A healing treatment at this caliber is like cleaning the pipes, and then treating them so that they can no longer collect the muck that blocks the energy flow between you, your intention, and the Universe which provides the tools for that intention to be so.  


CCT™ Charting

CCT Charting can be used both for the individual, having the same effects as the Energetic treatment, and also for elements beyond the individual. When we are seeking to change our circumstances, and our viewpoints, heal from a harmful mindset or clear ourselves of unwanted patterns, the CCT Charting process is a perfect venue to bring about real transformation gently and effortlessly. 

Ideal healing options for chart work include but are not limited to:

  • Transform a relationship at its core principles and in the best interest of both involved. 

  • Uncover relationship phases.

  • Transform patterns within a relationship

  • Transform communication within a relationship

  • Bringing yourself or a relationship into transitional mastery

  • Synchronize timing for yourself or a relationship

  • Release negative Karma

  • Relieve conflict between two individuals, a group or between groups

  • Discovery Chart to uncover reasons, causes, and next steps

  • Heal Ancestral Groups

  • Transforming patterns to Aquarian Groups

  • Ease through big changes/transformations

  • Clearing spaces of dead orgone energies

  • Intention setting for goals

  • Planning sessions for goals/deadlines 

  • Yearly planning

  • Monthly planning

Healing treatments are provided in person, here in Lawrence, Kansas by appointment, online via Zoom, or over the phone. When ordering we will discuss your intention and the best route for transformation. 

  • Both treatment types are equally effective, and consultations are free of charge. 

  • Single treatment or chart: $85

  • Healing or Chart package of 3: $245

To learn more about the Crystalline Consciousness Technique, visit:

Certificate and License information can be found here

Privacy Policy and Legal Agreement can be found here

CCT Treatments

  • Begin a transformative cycle with a CCT™️ healing treatment.

    1 h

    Desde 95 US dollars
  • Begin a transformative cycle with a CCT™️ healing treatment.

    1 h

    Desde 95 US dollars
  • Begin a transformative cycle with a CCT™️ healing treatment.

    30 min

    Desde 45 US dollars
  • 1 h

    Desde 65 US dollars

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