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Living Your Life Through Intention

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Living intentionally sounds like one of those phenomena that just naturally occurs for us; something as simple and automatic as breathing or blinking. We see, we act, we do, we respond, we decide... We impose our free will onto our lives every moment we are awake. It's the nature of living! However, if we are imposing that will into our daily circumstances and decisions without specific intention (or forward-moving insight), we are not tapping into the innate, natural gift of creation we all possess. Living more intentionally allows us the option to choose our circumstances with more ease and opportunity, reminding us of the natural and innate tools to create and live the life we want to live. Living your life through intention means a combination of things. It may require you to slow down. It may require you to look at yourself and your scope of influence. It requires you to observe and to plan and to consider all of the who's, what's, where's, when's, and why's of all that you are engaged with. Good news: It's free. It's not a gimmick, it's not a healing that someone else does for you, and it's not a therapy session. It's a state of mind. Living your life intentionally is choosing how you want things to go and making the adjustments needed so that they can go that way. Check out some of the program's facets of living more intentionally and see if any of them can be applied to your current circumstances for your own benefit and good.

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