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Welcome to Your Social Emotional Education

My name is Jamelle Zablow-Moloney, owner and operator of Bare Roots Energy, and  licensed Special Educator since 2008. Through my teaching career I have specialized in social-emotional education, individualized instruction, and social-emotional curriculum design. Now, I've taken that skill set to the public to offer this benefit outside of the traditional public school classroom. In a world of turmoil, join me, and find your own skill set in social emotional wellbeing here. 

Social Skills Class Description & Details

Has therapy become too expensive for your ailing pre-teen? Is the school counselor tapped out this year from your child's school's endless needs? This is the situation I found myself in year after year with my own children, which led me to open up my doors to my neighborhood and community families in need. 


Kids need to talk. We all need to talk, and sometimes it's either unaffordable or inconvenient to find the right person or group to get it all out with. Look no further! Bare Roots Energy offers social emotional courses with like-minded individuals who need affordable counseling alternatives and formalized education in the area of social skills and emotional regulation. 


With 15 years of experience as a Special Educator teaching social skills directly in the k-12 classrooms, I have seen the impact that direct instruction and group work can have on struggling students, as well as the adults in their lives. Using the concepts of the Circle of Courage, my instruction focuses on the whole person and the whole family, taking a realistic approach to processing emotions and building skills that follow students into their daily lives for use in real time. This class offers planned lessons and meditation services, and teaches SMART Goals, executive functioning skills, emotional regulation, conversation navigation, life skills, thought regulation, and metacognitive skills, just to name a few. 

Individuals of all needs, ages, and disabilities are served here!

Classes and groups are

  • Available for children K-12, and beyond

  • Available for individuals with disabilities

  • Available in one on one or group settings 

  • Always tailored to the needs of the individual and the group

  • Include open conversation

  • Teach coping strategies 

  • Teach through role play

  • Organized by age and need

  • Comes with an online classroom

  • Taught by me, a licensed Special Educator

  • Available in person at our local library, or online through Zoom

  • Flexible in scheduling

  • Offered in 30-minute or hour-long increments

Academic Tutoring is available as well, upon request, and at the same price, listed below!​

A Little About Your Teacher

I earned my first degree at K-State in Elementary Education with a focus on Special Education in 2008, following up with 2 Master's in Special Education K-5 and Special Education 6-12. My teaching career has afforded me the rich experience of teaching students K-12 in both the public school settings, in the private settings in specialized day schools, and in the state's residential facilities. I have had the honor of working with students and families of all backgrounds and needs and pride myself on building the lasting relationships that have changed outlooks and behaviors. Special Education has gifted me the rich knowledge of the counseling world paired with the tools of teaching, allowing my instruction to reach beyond the classroom and into the daily lives of my students. In 2020, my family shift required me to leave my favorite job as a Teacher in the Basehor-Linwood school district, which led me to open up my own business, Bare Roots Energy, and offer the service of Social Skills Instruction to the public outside of the school system. Aside from my new career as a small business owner, I substitute and raise my two vibrant daughters as my husband travels the states building Wind Turbines. My hopes in offering this service to you is that you and your children find support in your social emotional and education needs at an affordable rate and in an accessible way. Pleas feel free to contact me with questions about the program or to sign up! No contracts are needed and scheduling is flexible!

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Drop a line to learn more and discuss your individual needs!

Call or text 785-532-9356

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