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Energetic Hygiene
Keepin' It Clean 
Classroom Style

Is it still enough to maintain your physical body without giving any thought to your energetic reality?

Energetic hygiene plays a key role in the health of our nervous system as well as our mental health. By maintaining the health of your energy body, you maintain a more balanced body, a more clear mental state, and are able to be in more in control of yourself and all that life throws your way. 

The practice of caring for your energetic self can propel you into a truly sovereign self.
The energetic hygiene course offered provides you with the tools to independently know, interact, heal, and maintain your energy system at your own pace, in your own space, using the techniques that work best for you. 

Energetic hygiene assists us in managing anxiety, depression, trauma, side effects of medication, acute and long-term illness, relationships, overstimulation, addiction, disabilities, and more.

These essential tools are great companions to all other healing modalities
. They provide for you lifelong strategies for healing, stress management, and energetic clarity, putting healing in your own hands

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