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Chakra Teas

The Sacral Blend

This tea tastes of the kitchen with deep earthly herb with a slightly bitter flavor to bring you back to your core. 

All organic ingredients, created by Bare Roots Energy in Lawrence, Ks.

What is this tea good for?

Antioxidant, immune booster, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral, and provides support for the digestive system and the thyroid.

What to keep in mind: 

May cause nausea at high doses. 

How to use this tea:

Steep 10-15 minutes

Take 1-3 times weekly for no longer than 5 weeks without a pause of 3-4 weeks.


This package includes:

1-3 oz of loose-leaf herbal tea

Teas are not a replacement for medical care and are not FDA-regulated. 
Use teas according to recommendations from your tea provider and/or doctor.

Sacral Chakra Blend; Teas for the Chakras

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  •  Tea packages are loose-leaf and will require a steeper to use in the kitchen. Tea is filled into a 3.5x5 sealed bag for shipping. Bags are typically recycled at your local grocery store or commons area. Each bag is labeled with the ingredients and weight of its contents; not all labels may be shown here. Each 3oz bag provides 10-15 single servings of tea when steeping in a typical-sized mug. Each 1oz bag provides 5-7 single servings of tea when steeping in a typical-sized mug. Steeping utensils and/or tea bags are not included in the purchase of tea packages.


    Be aware that photos in the description will differ from the actual product due to lighting and due to the nature of the loose-leaf tea. When filling your steeping utensil with the loose-leaf tea, try to ensure that the mixture is thoroughly mixed and shaken up to provide the most continuity of the ingredients throughout the bag.


    The one oz. Bags are a great way to test out the tea choices or to give as a gift. Please see the Chakra Tea Set listing for a full set of the Chakra Teas available. If you are seeking personalized teas or tea-based consultation, please head over to to contact Jamelle or to schedule a consultation appointment.


    Store teas in a dark, cool place. Steep teas only one time, and discard the contents once done. Please see the specific product information on steeping times for each tea.



    Shipping can take anywhere between 2-10 days, depending on the nature of the shipping industry. Shipping will take place through UPS Ground services, and they typically provide a guarantee of product arrival between 2-5 days. Processing time before shipping will take between 1-2 days if the tea is in stock and already prepared. If the tea is out of stock, you will receive a notification, and processing time will typically be extended by 2 days. If an ingredient is out of stock, the processing time will be extended by the amount of days it takes to have more of the ingredient shipped in. Thank you for your understanding in processing and shipping times.


    This product is non-refundable. This product provides no guarantee of health and is not FDA-approved. The FDA does not regulate the sales of most herbal ingredients. Please visit my About page for more information about my credentials in this field.



    Bare Roots Energy does not offer medical advice, prescribe, suggest, or recommend anyone to consume or use its products in a specific manner, and acknowledges your right to use this product at your own discretion. Teas and herbal remedies are not a replacement for medical care. By purchasing this item, you agree to your obligation of risk to person, property, or other, and that your use of this product is at your own discretion.


    Bare Roots Energy does not guarantee any and all outcomes, productions, and effects of the consumption of these products and waives all responsibility for any reactions that could be caused by any of the herbs used in the tea blends assembled herein. Please stay aware of your own allergies and the ingredients of this product before consuming it. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these terms.

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