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Howlite is a stone for healing physical pain and supporting the energies that maintain strong bones. Howlite is grounding and absorbs negative energy, transmuting it just as the Earth does, but holding a high frequency of  852 Hz. For this reason, Howlite is good for both the Root and the Crown Chakras.

Aventurine is a green quartz that brings luck and prosperity and holds a frequency close to that of the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, holding a frequency of 341 Hz.

108 Beads

21 Inches


Mala beads are one of the oldest meditation practices in the world. One recites a mantra for each bead they count, counting by touching one bead at a time. The Mala strands here have 108 beads on them, and an end strand so that when reciting your mantra, you know when to switch directions and begin counting/chanting in the other direction of the strand. Traditionally, one is not supposed to cross the center/end bead or bead strand when reciting. Use your thumb and any finger but the pointer to count as you recite.

Mala Beads Howlite & Aventurine

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