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Clearing your Cord of Expectations Online Courses

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This is the purchase of the online course for Clearing Your Cord of Expectations. Have you come across something inside of you that just won't budge? Something perhaps so deep-rooted and long-lasting that you have surrendered to its burden? It doesn't have to stay that way. Ceremony is a gentle and quick way to work out your kinks and burdens so that they no longer follow you around and drag you down. Clearing your Cord of Expectations is a releasing ceremony designed for a gentle and deep healing journey. It is a dive into a specific burden you carry and its origins, providing relief from bad habits, moodiness, poor attitude, patterns of judgment, misconceptions, and disappointment. Clearing the Cords of Expectations can provide relief from Expectations that you have placed on yourself, others, situations, or life in general, Bad Habits, Assumptions, False Beliefs, Past Life Entanglements, Causes for Social Anxieties, Roots of Depression, and Ancestral Patternings. This course is a 4 part self-paced journey that includes a Reiki healing, Guided Journal Work, a Guided Meditation, and an activation at the end. The course has embedded scheduling and contact links for question submission and walks you through each of the 12 steps with a video. Once purchased, you will have access to your password-protected classroom for a full year.

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