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The Meditation Manual is a workbook and an online course that takes you through the minute steps of cognitive restructuring in order to carry out a more peaceful existence. This course aids in slowing down the racing mind, refocusing the wandering thoughts, and replacing negative self-talk with over 30 meditation techniques, offering a variety of different tools and options to use on the go and on the slow. 
The Meditation Manual covers techniques in focus meditation, active meditation, and transcending meditation to carry you from the beginning of your practice all the way to the end. 
The online course is self-paced, available to you for a year, and comes with guided meditation videos for each chapter. It is available on the computer, mobile devices, and through the WIX Spaces App, and does not require the purchase of the workbook to complete. 
The Meditation Manual can be purchased in the Bare Roots Energy Shop and can accompany the online course or stand on its own. 

Meditation Manual Online Class

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