Reiki Healing Arts

In Person and Online Appointments Available.

Reiki is a holistic healing modality that balances the energy fields within and around the body, using the concentrated energy centers located in the hands. This is one specific way in which Reiki Practitioners can transmute and mitigate the energies of the body when there is a build-up of or lack of energy, redistributing it to rebalance your frequencies. 

Reiki is a gentle way to approach healing with a whole-body mindset. Using Reiki as a supplement to a current medical regime can enhance the success of traditional western treatments, and even reduce the need to for them all together. Reiki's effects can help one recover more quickly from surgery by replenishing the body's cells, fend off symptoms of addiction withdrawal, and relieve pain. Reiki activates the body's natural healing process to restore physical and emotional well-being. Taking a whole-life approach to wellness can provide you with a synchronistic experience along your healing journey.

Our bodies are in a constant state of repair, always working to return to a state of homeostasis. The bio-magnetic frequencies that surround our cells are the chauffeurs of this venture back to Graceland, forever seeking the chemical make-up that will bring the body and its auric fields back into balance. living is truly exhausting considering how hard our bodies work! Reiki is a quick and gentle way to begin the healing process, allowing the body to self-heal, and giving your energy channels a tune-up that leaves you more energized and calm.

The energy transmitted through the hands of the Reiki practitioner is a unique one that balances the electromagnetic frequencies around and inside of the body. It is a magical effect that allows the frequencies of the body to return to their preferred state that makes up the marvelous you.

What is so magical about it? It's energy. It has no motive but to regain the neutrality it arrived in upon its own creation. It does not take more than it needs, it does not leave the energy source drained, and it can do no harm. What occurs instead is a transfer of vibration, whereas the giving source vibrates at a particular frequency, influencing the vibration of the receiving source, allowing it to calibrate back to its natural pattern of vibration once again.

Distance Reiki

Even from afar, Reiki healing wonders, as Reiki practitioners are given tools to assist the energies of Reiki to reach clients across distance and time. Many Reiki healers treat various clients that live in other cities, states, and countries, the impact always being the same as that of in-person appointments. Distance Reiki is a good option for individuals who have struggles surrounding transportation and physical mobility, and it is extremely useful during times of crisis such as a pandemic. 

Your Appointment

The Reiki Healing Treatment is a process of finding centers in and around the body that need fine-tuning and replenishing. It is common for clients to feel a purge of stress and processing before, during, or after the treatment. 

During any Reiki session clients have the option to sit in a chair or lay on the Reiki table. Pillows for under the neck and knees are available, as are light blankets. One may feel sensations of heat, chills, goosebumps, or skin pricks, as the energy flows through and around the body. Everyone's Reiki experience is different, and many people report having a different experience each time they receive their first few treatments.


After receiving a Reiki treatment, most individuals report a feeling of calmness, stillness, and clarity. Some individuals may feel a bit sleepy afterward, depending on what they are processing the energy sifts, and others have left with a motivational drive of contemplation.

Appointments are available for scheduling by purchasing an appointment or contacting me directly. Scheduling and healing focus is always tailored to your needs and preferences.

Appointments can be given in person at our Lawrence studio or online from the comfort of your own space. ​

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Chakra Alignment Reiki Treatment

Chakra Alignment Treatment

Chakras are the concentrated energy centers in our bodies that metabolize the energy we give and take from our environment. When the body's energies are out of balance, such as being depleted or containing blockages, we suffer physical ailments like a lack of focus, mood swings, fatigue, tumors, joint pain, anxiety, or even food intolerance. The chakra alignment uses traditional Reiki techniques to feed your 7 main energy centers from your root to your crown, and replenishes your auric fields, allowing the body to self-heal.

The chakra alignment treatment gives each of the seven main energy centers a vibrational tune-up, leaving the whole body feeling centered and cleansed, and leaving the mind thinking more clearly. Along with the energy treatment, the chakras are balanced and cleansed with a series of relaxing tonal frequencies that are chosen specifically for each of your energy centers. This is a good treatment to uncover unrecognized emotional baggage that your body may be holding onto, reconnecting your fields to the planet, and rebalancing the body's ability to naturally heal.

More information about each individual chakra can be found in my blog under the Chakra section. 

Wheat Field

Reiki Healing Detox Treatment

The Detox treatments focus on clearing stress and anxieties from current and historical events in one's life, helping to get you closer to the mindset of release and neutrality.

The energetic systems of the body have a unique way of processing what occurs to us, working together with the physical body to heal both physical and emotional wounds. When we withstand emotional stress, the memory of the stressor will either pass through us as we process it immediately, or our bodies will store it, keeping it as physical memory and an energetic block. When our bodies store emotions, it creates pockets of dense frequency that block energy flow. It would be ideal for those emotions to pass through us with complete neutrality like wind through a screen, for that would set up the ideal conditions to promote clarity, learning and creation. However, the majority of us do not experience our world through a neutral lens, nor do we consistently process negative experiences immediately in a healthy. We put value and judgment on events that occur, thus being emotionally impacted by them; our screens are clogged. 


Our bodies are quite intelligent manifestations. They are made of cells that have adapted over billions of years to survive and thrive through all of kinds of threats. When something happens to us, we think about it. If it was unpleasant and we don't want to think about it, the energy that the body was trying to process for the purpose of eventful release is stored, causing your back to ache or your stomach to hurt. When we do not process what we see, feel, think, hear, taste, and touch, we are not allowing the flow of energy to healthily move through and around our bodies, as it is naturally supposed to do. When energy collects, it impacts our energy centers and thus our physical organs. An excess of energy from being lied to can impact the throat chakra, for instance, producing a scratchy throat, or indecisiveness. 


Reiki has the ability to help the body clear itself of unprocessed emotions and toxic build-up, and unbind negative thinking patterns. The Detox Reiki Treatment uses traditional methods from the Usui lineage line to either focus energy on cleansing a specific area, or deliver a whole-body detoxification. This treatment can be useful to help one move on from a creative block, or recover from a stubborn cold, or relieve chronic illness. With repeated and consistent treatment, individuals can see life-changing results. 

One can experience a gambit of emotions during and after this treatment, as its purpose is to bring up things hidden away and ignored so that they may be processed and released. Once this healing process begins, it is normal to have emotional and physical symptoms, and it is recommended to be particularly kind to the body and mind for several days after each session. Just like a routine physical detox, one may experience minor symptoms of purge. Following treatment, stay well hydrated and rested 


Crystal Infused Reiki

Using the Earth to enhance healing

There are huge varieties of stones on this planet, each having their own unique properties. Different types of stone vibrate at different, yet specific, frequencies due to their chemical make-up. Measuring these frequencies reveals the energetic fingerprint of the stone, allowing one to align the crystal's particular vibrations with the vibrational needs of the body. Quartz, for example, has the incredibly useful property of being able to resonate and hold an energetic charge at multiple frequencies, making it an ideal stone for all healing situations.
Crystal Infused Reiki makes use of raw gemstones to hold and direct the healing energy emitted by the practitioner, creating a stronger, continual and uniquely focused flow of energy to the recipient. Stones can be placed directly on the body or laid out in grids to hold, transmute, and transmit energy through space or time. This technique strengthens the effectiveness of distance Reiki treatments, and can also be used to send healing energy to past or pending events.   


Labradorite Stone


Energy booster

Labradorite can ease the sharpness of the tongue and soften a bad mood, helping to transform negativity to soft calmness.