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The traditional ways of viewing our lives along a two-dimensional timeline have played their purpose for timekeeping, historical tracking, and referencing global events. However, when viewing one's individual life cycle in a circular term, the gates of magic on Earth are opened! Have you ever wondered what the future has to hold for you?
A life pattern reading is the analysis of your life events in 3-year increments. This reading can help to connect the dots of the past with habits and healing for the present and the future, as well as help to map out essential timelines and future event spaces. This service can take place over email, phone, or in person. This deeper life path reading requires us to discuss and map your major life events and your future goals. 

Clients have the choice of a phone or zoom conference before and after the readings.
Once paid for, you will receive contact from me within 48 hours to review your order. 
View these services in the Alchemical Trails for easier ordering. 

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